Okresní finále ve stolním tenise

joomplu:10652V měsíci říjnu se žáci naší školy zapojili do okresních soutěží ve stolním tenise.

15. října 2014 se uskutečnilo okresní finále kategorie starších dívek ve stolním tenise v Novém Jičíně-Loučce. V úvodním utkání turnaje změřily naše reprezentantky síly s domácími hráčkami ZŠ Jubilejní Nový Jičín. Po vyrovnaném boji nakonec podlehly novojičínským vítězkám v poměru 1:4 na zápasy. V následujícím utkání se Zakladní školou z Kopřivnice využily naše hráčky svých zkušeností a zvítězily 3:2. Také v posledním utkání turnaje se ZŠ Starý Jičín ukázala naše děvčata svou kvalitu a zápas rozhodla ve svůj prospěch v poměru 3:2. Za vzornou reprezentaci a skvělé druhé místo z okresního finále děkujeme Alici Šumberové, Barboře Žůrkové a Elišce Hrachovcové.<br ray ban outlet /> Pokračování textu Okresní finále ve stolním tenise

Jídelníček 10.11. – 14.11.2014

10.11. – 14.11.2014

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Místo: kuželna Odry
Kdy: Čtvrtek 6. listopadu 2014 
Čas: zahájení v 11:30 Cheap nfl Jerseys hod. 3. – 5. třída(ukončení vyučování je v 11.00), ve 13:00 hod. 6. – 9. třída ( ukončení vyučování je ve 12.20)
Kategorie: 3. – 5. třída, 6. – 9. třída

Přezůvky se světlou podrážkou podmínkou!!! Pro nejlepší je připravená sladká odměna.
Vezměte si „Oznámení o akci „ a to doneste tělocvikářům do středy 5. listopadu 2014. Bez podpisu rodičů na „oznámení“ se nemůžete akce Fake Oakleys zúčastnit!

To make the fix, surgeons prefer to use a healthy tendon from elsewhere in someone’s body, usually from the kneecap or tendon. That can be a problem for someone like RGIII, who tore the same ACL in 2009, while playing for Baylor University. „Unfortunately, that hurts one part of the knee in order to help another,“ says Kevin Stone, an fake oakleys orthopedic surgeon at the Stone Clinic in San Francisco. „There are short term weakness and long term pain and arthritis Archshaped consequences.“The first definite mentions of football as cheap jordans we would recognise it come from Baratas Replicas Ray Ban later medieval England when it was banned by successive monarchs Edward II (1314) and Edward III Baratas Ray Ban (1349), the latter because it was distracting bowmen from their archery practice. In 1424, James I of Scotland banned „fute ball“ when he passed the Football Act 1424.Michelle, actress and single mother to 5 year old daughter Brielle, has quickly established herself as one of the most controversial contestant’s the show has ever seen. In her quest to win Brad Womack’s heart, her aggressive antics like storming off the set and forcibly dragging Brad away from other women have angered and upset many of her fellow housemates. But off camera, her personal life is even more shocking.DAVID: Well, it’s probably a combination of two things that are going on. One, there is very likely increased recognition on the field of injuries and more careful treatment, certainly with concussions, we know that’s been true. But also, as everybody says, players are getting faster, stronger, bigger, and that means more injuries.Ultimately, Footlocker’s shares look strong on a NFL Jerseys Cheap discount oakley technical basis, and the firm registers a 7 on our Valuentum Buying Index (our stock selection methodology). However, we think the brand is a US derivative play on Nike’s premium product offerings, and it remains to be seen if Nike’s marketing and demand creation is enough to sustain tremendous momentum at Footlocker. We remain on the sidelines for now, though we continue to monitor new developments at the company.Swarovski jewelry there instyler ionic styler Wu throwback jerseys father, Wu gucci Tianyou air max thea Royal cheap shoes family, abercrombie but louis vuitton NFL Jerseys Cheap taschen also oakley sunglasses to walk on rolex watches outside ralph lauren outlet online place nike free 5.0 to harrods london go. It nike fu?ballschuhe would air jordan shoes not have yoga pants Ba nike roshe run Jiufen it? . It now seems beyond doubt that the AFL is seriously investigating a new and more significant tax on the wealthier clubs http://www.cheapjerseysupplyforyou.com as part of a reformed and more complex equalisation structure, with the growing divide described by outgoing Sydney chairman Richard Colless in a paper to the AFL cheap nfl jerseys late last year as cheap nfl jerseys “a ticking time bomb“.
This can all work hand inhand, as a good running game can better set up play action passes for the deeper throws. Johnny Depp reportedly replica oakleys charges $20 million per film, and is believed to be Cheap Jordans worth $350 million. Rival Bell Canada (NYSE:BCE) will also own 37.5% of the Maple Leafs and coincidentally also owns a minority stake in the Teen NHL’s Montreal Canadiens. The new metrics are; commercial cloud gross margin percentage, total gaming revenue and Windows commercial products and cloud services revenue growth. Pittsburgh won 31 17.. In fact it’s not during the ray ban sunglasses sale season at all, and it takes place nowhere near a football stadium. Mix all ingredients except trout and cheese in a separate pot.6. And if they find if it’s not necessary, I really trust in what they say.“. The only reason they got out was they heard voices outside. Let’s say this ball is one star, so Discount Oakleys it’s the lower quality, just for amateur and you know, not very professional players. The Chiefs are nine and oh, the Broncos are eight and one. Fake Ray Bans Manning hasn missed very many throws through two games and has made some remarkable ones. A tightly woven fabric keeps the chill out, and a coat with a hood provides an extra layer of protection for your head. Keep the involvement Cheap NFL Jerseys China of outsiders limited to just the issues that are relevant to them and respect the privacy of the employee when and wherever possible.. Types of Hamstring Injuries and ray ban sale Their Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Recovery TimeA cheap football jerseys pulled hamstring is a condition where the muscle gets pulled to an extent that the fibers become sore and may partially tear. Former California Sen. Baby of the group Karlie Kloss is a philanthropist as well as budding businesswoman with proceeds from her Karlie’s Kookies product going to help feed children in New York.. And it gets even worse: Gov. It really is not much http://www.bestfakesales.com/sale/ good the Prime Minister turning round now and saying to the people of Cheap Jerseys From China Boston ‚this must stop‘. During the 1920s, the Italian energy company, SADE, had a dream: to build a big ass dam in the valley of the Vajont River. That’s four TV’s throughout the Fake Oakleys home and wireless internet service is provided. (d) catenin and (e) Wnt1 levels in the presence of 1M PF573228 or DMSO were analyzed by western blotting. Satan cannot establish a battle strategy or build and fortify strongholds against the intangible heavenly power of faith.. Or have a certain number of followers or friends to have ‚standing‘ on Twitter or Water Facebook. And if a three tour Lions prop says so, who are we to argue?.

Jídelníček 03.11. – 07.11.2014

03.11. – 07.11.2014

duo held in connection with painter murderIn the same period that America produced Django, some of its congressman were writing to billionaire owner of ray ban sunglasses sale the Washington Redskins, Dan Synder, imploring him to change the franchise’s name. Native Americans have complained about this for years, but the Redskins have a strong cheap jerseys rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys, in part because of the small minded reference to confrontations in the Old West, during which Native Americans were butchered and considered as backward people. Snyder has refused to change the name, citing “its strong historical value“. That this has been allowed for so long is an anomaly in America’s cultural mosaic.So was Pagano’s explanation of what went on.Here’s what happened: Trailing by six late in the third quarter, Indianapolis had fourth and 3 at its 37; after initially lining up in a standard punt formation, the Colts shifted nine players toward one sideline; they put two near the football, receiver Griff Whelan (lined up as the snapper) and Volley safety Colt Anderson (lined up as the quarterback, right behind Whelan); even though the Patriots had three players right there, Whelan http://www.cheapnfljerseysshop.com hiked to Anderson, who was tackled right away.Adding to the embarrassment of a sequence that Pagano acknowledged „played a huge factor in this loss“ was that the Colts were whistled for a penalty because not enough players were along the line of scrimmage. I don’t feel safe any more. It feels like I’m Ray Ban Sunglasses buying time just waiting to die,“ she said.After the latest string of quakes she is on edge more than ever.Yesterday she was cheap ray bans asleep in her bed with her husband, Rhys, and Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys two of her sons Toby, Cheap Oakleys 3, and Blake, 2, when a violent 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck 20km northeast cheap nfl jerseys of the port of Lyttelton at 5.45am.After calming her crying children, Mrs Inwood added to her Trade Me thread: „So here I am six months later, feeling exactly the same.“Since first posting online about her predicament, she’s put on 20kg, has had to take extended leave Discount Nike Shoes from her job, is on medication and drinks alcohol cheap nfl jerseys to Oakleys Outlet help her sleep.Her two youngest boys have suffered from constant illnesses and are traumatised to the extent Cheap Jerseys that they won’t go outside alone.One of the children wets his pants when bigger aftershocks strike and both run for her crying when a car drives past with a trailer attached and makes a loud bang.“I can’t say to them it’s okay because it’s not,“ said Mrs Inwood.“People keep saying it’s going to get better and we’ve held on to that but it’s not.
kourtney kardashian and scott disick ‚are spending thanksgiving as a family’As we can see from the chart below, the durability of these brands is what allows NKE to consistently grow earnings and sales and will allow it to do so into the foreseeable future.NKE is not content to simply hike up the prices on its existing wholesale nfl jerseys brands and hope shoppers continue to buy them. Babe dominated the American cultural scene for two decades. Measurement of cytokine levelsThe plasma and CSF samples were tested for concentrations of IL1 IFN IL 10 http://www.nflchinajerseyscheap.com and IL 6 using a V Plex Custom Human Biomarkers kit (Human Cheap Football Jerseys Proinflammatory Panel cheap nfl jerseys 1), and for TNF using a Human TNF kit (MSD (Meso Scale Discovery), Rockville, MD, USA). Working Cheap Ray Bans up and out on your original floor plan, continue to measure the first drawing line by line, Cheap Jordans drawing the corresponding lines on the new floor plan using the appropriate measuring scale. It’s taken cheap oakleys sunglasses on a life of its Cheap Ray Bans Sale own. However, she knows she is not above critique. Have experience, good guards, plus a 6 11 transfer student. If you’ve ever planed a „themed“ party, then you know the frustration involved in finding all the right party supplies. So we come back, lift the hand up, step out, move forward and turn the body, letting the hand come forward. It is the best idea.. Island, And it was lumpy and you would see and you followed Stephen. New England is once again the class of the NFL.. Why? It is because there are so many variables. After the smelly beast was either turned away from or escorted out of the 1945 World Series (either version works just fine), his owner vowed the Cubs “ whose last World Series title was in 1908 “ would never win another one. Connect the AD converter to the computer using either Firewire or USB2 connections as appropriate to Ray Ban Sunglasses the device. These forward looking statements involve risks and uncertainties. Not really, but just under. As a midfielder in front of the http://www.cheap-raybanssunglasses.com defenders would be a good patch for outputting ball recoveries, but would be minimizing one of the key points of his game: arrival at end cheap football jerseys positions. This takes the hassle out of shipping, and enables you to receive your orders in an expeditious manner. 6B and 6D). Cheap Retro Jordans The duration of doxycycline treatments was chosen according to the in silico analysis performed with the PNFL and PFL models.d2EYFP fluorescence measurements (Fig. Bedroom Following a generic healthy meal plan with some light cardio and strength training thrown in won’t cut it. Some positions had fewer player statistics available to cheap football jerseys calculate than others. We are the leading animal advocacy organization, seeking a humane world for people and animals alike.

Nový mezinárodní projekt ERASMUS +

logo erasmusV březnu letošního roku schválil Evropský parlament  nový vzdělávací program Evropské unie na období 2014–2020, který podporuje spolupráci a mobilitu ve všech sférách vzdělávání, v odborné přípravě a v oblasti sportu a mládeže. Jmenuje se ERASMUS + a je nástupcem Programu celoživotního učení, programu Mládež v akci, Socrates  a dalších. Evropská komise zde rozdělí za celé období neuvěřitelných 12,7 miliard euro.

Programu Erasmus+ se mohou zúčastnit studenti, učitelé, učni, dobrovolníci, vedoucí mládeže a funkcionáři amatérských sportovních organizací. Lze z něj také poskytnout finanční prostředky na partnerství vzdělávacích zařízení, mládežnických organizací, podniků, místních a regionálních úřadů a nevládních organizací, jakož i na reformy v členských státech s cílem modernizovat vzdělávání a odbornou přípravu a podpořit inovace, podnikatelské schopnosti a zaměstnanost.
Pokračování textu Nový mezinárodní projekt ERASMUS +

Oznámení pro všechny rodiče dětí, které chodí do školní jídelny na obědy

Všechny děti mají automaticky odhlášené obědy ve dnech ředitelského volna, tj. ve čtvrtek 30. října a v pátek 31. října 2014. Žákům, kteří chtějí mít v tyto dva dny ředitelského volna oběd, musí rodiče obědy přihlásit.

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Maybe that’s why refs appear to hold him to a different standard, at times allowing defenses to headhunt him.Newton called Cheap Jordans it „horsecrap,“ but even that cheap jerseys china may be too kind.USA TODAYSeven trades NFL teams should make before deal deadlineBrock Osweiler is backThe Texans quarterback posted a respectable performance in Sunday’s 20 13 ray ban sale victory against the Lions, completing 20 of 29 attempts for 186 yards with one score and one interception. MIKE PESCA, BYLINE: Roger Goodell is the captain of an industry that’s enormously popular, financially robust and culturally throwback jerseys ascendant. The NFL’s yearly revenues are approaching $10 billion, and the take home pay for its CEO is an annual $10 million, which will rise to $20 million in five years. But despite his overseeing what seems an impregnable match of product and customer http://www.cheapjerseysselling.com base, Goodell cannot be cocksure. There looms the specter of a massive lawsuit filed by nearly 4,000 plaintiffs, who claim damages resulting oakley sunglasses cheap from the blows the game inevitably cheap Air Jordans delivers. The first question Goodell fielded asked of his opinion of President Obama’s comment, quote, „If I had a son, I’d have 2016-12-02 to think long and hard before I let him play football.“ Goodell said he welcomed the president’s comments, and cited the benefits of the game.Original cricket ball is a hard cork covered with smooth leather. Most remarkable thing is seaming of two semi spheres of leather which goes around the circumference. Seaming line is very strategic for Cheap Jordans Sale bowlers, they use it for grip and spin. The color of ball is generally red but in the flood lights this ball seems brown and batsman can’t clearly distinguish it from the pitch, so instead of red white balls are used in flood lights.(weigh 163 cheap nfl jerseys gm and circumference 9 inch). Another interesting fact is that the holes doesn’t have any standard size or position, professional balls are made without any holes, buyer or user is free to drill anywhere he likes. The material from which it is made is not so dense that why the core of the ball is separately filled with denser material to make it heavy. The position of this core in the ball and center of gravity are strategic for players and it also decides where to drill the holes.Jumping Up Quickly For High Pitches. Jumping up for high pitches can be difficult to do. There’s really only one way to Cheap nfl jerseys get better at this and that is to do it. Have your pitcher mix up pitches (high, low, inside, and outside) for your cheap nfl jerseys catcher to catch. Try to Replica Oakleys Sunglasses throw more high pitches than anything else. I purchased one of Cheap Oakleys these blinds myself and.
how to make a raggedy ann dollThis is not a trivial task. He took such a form which was neither fully human nor beastly. Let’s go outside to amy. Chromecast is digital media player device that was created by Google. Young will be remembered as a two time NFL ray ban sunglasses most http://cheapjerseysupply.com valuable player, a seven time Pro Bowl selection and a left handed passer with the legs to get him into the end zone if there were no passing lanes.. On Tuesday, Google revealed a new iPad app called Google Catalogs. You know, it ain’t about making a million dollars doing this. It’s not nice.‘ cheap MLB Jerseys Looking cheap oakleys outlet back, maybe one of their number was over compensating to cover his insecurity.. „He loved being a father. DUKE: I did not. Ultimately, though, those taking part know they do so at a hockey jerseys risk, and there has been no indication in rugby of an NFL style lawsuit based on corporate negligence.. Mean, it great. Find out if the jersey is made wholesale jerseys of cotton or polyester. That slide whistle you just heard was his testosterone level dropping like a homesick rock. A lot of times ray ban outlet you are going to find that your tempo from the point of setup to point of impact is probably going to be right around just under a second. My Cure for Sleep ApneaMy simple method for preventing apnea episodes starts by evaluating your Cheap Jerseys breathing patterns during the day. Some fans questioned whether Geathers intentionally drove Smith’s head into the turf to knock him out of the game. Katy Perry will be joined by Missy Elliott for her Super Bowl performance.The 30 year old pop star will reportedly duet with the rapper during her half time show at the showpiece NFL game later today between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.The New York Daily News reports Perry will be joined by Elliott for at least one segment of the concert.Perry has Cheap Jordan Sale already confirmed that rock guitarist Lenny Kravitz will join her on stage and she hinted at Elliott’s appearance, saying the gig will be cheap jerseys a „female fun night“.Speaking at a press conference for the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX half time show at the Phoenix Convention Center, she said: „It’s going to be wild out there.I’m creating three or four different worlds . Because the titles are often bigger than the publishers, and mobile games don’t yet attract the kind of dedicated audiences that console and PC games have, fans rarely move on to other titles by the same publisher after they tire of an app.. The keyword there is potential! Should you be NFL Jerseys Cheap peşine not aware of the correct coaching principles and workouts which will harness this potential then you are not going to get off the ground as much as you wish! As a result, ensure your basketball jump training includes multiple training facets that may maximise your vertical within the quickest amount of time.

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Ředitel školy vyhlašuje z důvodu rekonstrukce dvou učeben 2 dny ředitelského volna.

Organizace týdne od 27. 10. do 31. 10. 2014

27. 10. – podzimní prázdniny (provoz ŠD na ZŠ na Pohořské ulici)
28. 10. – státní svátek
29. 10. – podzimní prázdniny (provoz ŠD na ZŠ na Pohořské ulici)
30. 10. – ředitelské cheap jerseys wholesale volno – z důvodu rekonstrukce
31. cheap nfl jerseys 10. – ředitelské volno – z důvodu rekonstrukce
Pokračování textu Ředitel školy vyhlašuje z důvodu rekonstrukce dvou učeben 2 dny ředitelského volna.

Jídelníček 27.10. – 31.10.2014

27.10. – 31.10.2014

The Royal Society apparently weighed out „This guy is cutting people open and putting in cow sickness“ and „Hey, he tried it on his own son“ and came down on Jenner’s side. Although vaccination took a while to catch on fully, it eventually got big, to the extent that smallpox is now a hipster disease that no one’s really heard of.Horse racing is a popular sport around the world. You do not need to be a genius to calculate winning Cheap Jerseys horse odds. To work out how much you will win from your horse race bet or what the odds are for a horse, just use a simple formula. When Cheap Oakleys Sale you place a bet on a horse race you can state that your bet is for your choice to win, place (which is come in second) or show, (come in third). When at a horse race track the amount of money bet on a horse, less the track’s cut determine’s the horse’s odds, according to Dartmouth University’s Chance News.In the end, your essay should draw together your criteria, judgments and evidence to provide an overall assessment of your cheap nfl jerseys topic. Looking over how well your topic meets your list of criteria oakley womens sunglasses is a good way to determine your general evaluation; if the majority of the criteria are met, the evaluation will be largely positive, while failure to meet them will lead to a negative conclusion. Whether your general assessment is good or bad, readers should leave your essay with a clear idea of whether or not your topic is worth investigating or would meet Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys their needs.Why? Well, medicine is like everything else on the planet it all runs on computers. We have to carefully catalog Supergranen every little thing that’s Wholesale Jerseys wrong with a patient, and, since this is all getting entered into a database somewhere, it needs to be done in the form of a code, so the insurance company and the government know what we’re asking them to pay for. Makes sense, right?Why describe the illness? The seven character code saves so much space!Garcetti made his comments a day before the Los Angeles City Council’s Economic Development Committee considers a six Cheap Oakleys month extension of an agreement with developer Anschutz Entertainment Group to find a NFL team to play at a downtown stadium. The 2 year old agreement, Cheap Ray Bans which calls for construction of a stadium next to Wholesale nfl Jerseys the Convention Center, is scheduled to expire next week.Stephen Bownes, football referee: „A number of our players also know [I’m gay]. A http://www.cheap-jordansukshoeshopps3.com NFL Jerseys Cheap few years ago I was working a Friday wholesale jerseys night game on my birthday. As a Retro Joradns Shoes special treat, some of the players offered me a visit to the locker room after the match. I Cheap Jordans politely declined their offer and the whole thing was done in good humor.“
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Olympijský týden 2014

joomplu:10453V týdnu od 1. do 5. října jsme uspořádali již XV. novodobé olympijské hry. Od pondělí do pátku se na olympijských sportovištích vystřídalo cca 450 mladých sportovců nejen nba jerseys sales z naší školy, cheap jordans for sale ale také ze ZŠ na Pohořské ulici, ZŠ oakley cheap jerseys sunglasses sale v Jakubčovicích, ZŠ v Mankovicích.

V pondělí od 12. hodin čekaly na sportovce netradiční disciplíny (např . střelba ze vzduchovky, hod frisbee talířem, in-line brusle, ringo apod.), úterý jsme se věnovali atletice, středa patřila již tradičně od 8.30 hodin atletickému čtyřboji pro žáky 1. – 5. tříd, ve čtvrtek byl na pořadu paralympijský den, kdy si zúčastnění mohli vyzkoušet, Wholesale NFL Jerseys jak sportují lidé s nejrůznějšími handicapy a poslední den olympijského týdne patřil oblíbeným kolektivním sportům.

Výsledky (ne však všechny) , kterých bylo opravdu hodně, uvádíme jako přílohu. Také si můžete prohlédnout z většiny Fake Ray Bans akcí fotografie.

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Historický úspěch přespolních běžkyň

joomplu:104461. října 2014 zrána lehce pršelo a pršelo a pak až lilo. Kapky deště na nás neúprosně bubnovaly a promáčely nás v průběhu dne Stangenkartoffeln až na kost. To ale neznamenalo, že se okresní finále v přespolním běhu na Horečkách ve Frenštátě pod Radhoštěm neuskuteční. Jen díky velmi podmáčené trase byla běžecká trať pozměněná.

Na 600 závodníků z pěti kategorií a v každé kategorii zhruba 20 škol. Všichni se převlékali ve starém hospodském sále, kde ten den nešla ani elektřina, což ještě umocnilo pochmurnou náladu dne. Nicméně musím vzdát hold všem statečným běžcům, kteří se navzdory velmi špatným podmínkám nevzdali a běželi, seč jim síly stačily.

Naši starší kluci (8. – 9. ročník) ve složení Pavel Křenek, Radim Sedlák, Tomáš Klézla, Štěpán Kotala a Lukáš Pavlík si v bahnitém wholesale nfl jerseys terénu vybojovali nepopulární 4. pozici. Starší děvčata reprezentovaly Anežka Orságová, Nikol Lukášová, Natálie Pobočková, Žaneta Opršálová a Anežka Vavrošová obsadily v konkurenci dvaceti škol mezi kapkami deště 8. místo. Mladší chlapci (6. – 7. ročník) se bili jako lvi, ale taky to stačilo jen na 8. pozici. Statečnými lvy byli: Gerd Schmidt, Vít Olšina, Lukáš Bařina a Kamil Soják. Mladší dívky ale prorazily několikaletou tradici druhých a třetích míst a rovnou s velkým náskokem vybojovaly historické 1. místo v okrese. Vítězkami jsou: Adéla Dostálová, Sophia Lustigová, Marie a Anežka Klézlovy a Michaelle Mrdjenovičová. Zajistili si tak poprvé postup do krajského kola, které se konalo cheap nba jerseys v Opavě.
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