joomplu:9359A pak že peklo neexistuje. To jste se měli přijít podívat do 4.A třídy, která se 5. prosince proměnila v třídu pekelnou. Líní čerti spali na zemi kolem kotle místo toho, aby uklízeli nepořádek na podlaze. Luciferka je musela probudit. Na návštěvu totiž přišli všichni prvňáčci z naší ZŠ.

Nejdřív jim cheap ray ban sungalsses čerti zazpívali čertovskou písničku a přečetli cheap nfl jerseys wholesale pohádku „Čert a Káča“, pak Luciferka všem vysvětlila úkoly, které museli během dopoledne oakley womens sunglasses plnit. Skládali čertovské puzzle, dokreslovali cheap football jerseys china čerty a čertice, hledali rozdíly na Darker obrázku, počítali pekelníky na kartách, shazovali čertovské kuželky a nosili z lesa dříví v pytli. Za každý splněný úkol se museli podepsat vlastní krví.
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Zájezd na mistrovství světa

joomplu:9346Ve spolupráci se SVČ Juventus Odry jsme ve čtvrtek 12. prosince navštívili město Ostravu, ČEZ Arénu, abychom shlédli dva zápasy mistrovství světa žen ve florbale. Tento šampionát se konal ve dvou moravských městech, v Brně a v Ostravě. V prvním utkání nastoupila proti sobě družstva Ruska a Austrálie. Rusko vyhrálo 11:4. Ve druhém, pro nás zajímavějším utkání, se utkalo Slovensko proti Dánsku. Velice dramatický zápas v normální hrací době skončil 3:3 a v prodloužení se z vítězství radovaly ženy z Dánska.

Žáci zažili atmosféru mistrovství světa a podívali se zblízka na sport, který v poslední době získává na popularitě.
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Jídelníček 06.01. – 10.01.2014

06.01. – 10.01.2014

Find Direct TV access cards locally. There are many places you can easily and quickly find a wholesale football jerseys china Direct TV access card. You can start at the local pawnshops and will probably find some there. Any flea markets in the vicinity are another great place to get access cards for Direct TV. Cheap Air Jordan 4 Check out any local newspapers, free local newspapers, bulletin boards in public places and anywhere else used electronics are sold.These wise people had so much to teach us! Their systems still worked after thousands years, even though they were made of nothing but string and rope. Modern man can’t make an iPhone last six months before it has to be replaced with a newer model. Of course, Gates couldn’t refer jordan retro 1 to himself using that word, both because the Indiana Jones rip off would be too obvious, and because his target market couldn’t spell „archaeologist“ if they were staring at this sentence.If he stood again, would Cheap Retro Jordans he NFL Jerseys Cheap win?Some will say that honour requires him to find out, that it is not enough to appeal to Aucklanders to keep faith in nfl jerseys cheap him. The decent thing to Ray Ban Sunglasses do would be to Oakleys sunglasses Outlet resign and offer himself for the voters‘ verdict. But that is a lot to ask of him. Now cheap football jerseys at 10 4, the surging Chiefs are sneaking up on them with two games to play. Kansas City’s 9 5 after eight straight wins and holds the AFC West tiebreaker should the clubs finish with the same mark. Moreover, the Broncos‘ remaining path is more difficult with two home games against the Bengals who are still fighting for home field throughout the AFC playoffs and the hapless Chargers. The Chiefs host the Browns and Raiders, teams with nine collective wins.Now for the details of the quarter. The 4% increase de in total sales Fake Ray Bans to $932 million Cheap Jordans reflected a 4% increase in consolidated comp sales, an increase in non comp sales of approximately $11 million including the opening of 21 new stores and the acquisition of 37 Little Burgundy stores and an increase of 7% in wholesale sales. By division, building on the year’s earlier positive results, total comps were up 5% at Journeys, cheap nfl jerseys up 3% at Lids, up 6% at Johnston Murphy and down 2% at Schuh. Lids achieved this sales growth despite headwinds in the fourth quarter from the college and NFL Playoffs with Ohio State and Seattle out of the running in the final stretch.“But for a visiting team to being go over there, there are always going to be certain people who don’t like it, there will be certain people who take it as part of the job. I don’t want to speak for everyone and make a broad, sweeping generalisation. The sports streaming service features more than 500 live and on demand college football games online, on iPad and on Samsung and LG Smart cheap nfl jerseys TVs.
Games and sports are not only the source of pleasure and amusement but also the means of keeping physically fit and establishing a relation between two rival groups by eradicating conflicts and strife. While Rick underlying passion is to help other people be successful, his 1 priority is his family. He is also responsible for keeping the time for the 25 second play clock, time outs, and intermissions. As commissioner and moving spirit of the upstart American Football League, his buccaneering behaviour was a key factor in the AFL’s merger with the established National Football League that paved the way to the colossally successful NFL of today, complete with its seasonal showcase the Cheap Jordan 11 Super Bowl, the gaudiest sporting event on the planet.. They visited Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers about what can be done to improve relations between law enforcement and African Americans. cheap jerseys china They got on base at a wholesale nfl jersyes .283 clip and slugged .254, for a .537 on base plus slugging percentage.. Two of those were produced by offensively challenged San Francisco.. Jonathan Freeny wason the field but didnot practice.. cheap Oakleys sunglasses However, there are enough rules in place to protect the fake ray bans players nfl jerseys cheap as much as possible. Craft groups, and other organizations that make things, would find this competition theme suitable. The main challenge facing the agricultural sector is not so wholesale nfl jerseys much growing 70% more food in 40 years, but making 70% more food available on the plate.. As Mavs Moneyball reported, MacMahon transitioned from being a full time Mavericks reporter for ESPN to covering the league as a whole this season.. Since the writing of the article, there have been even more positive developments for both stocks, so today I will go over them in this update. However much urgency there is for them to have everything right, I don’t know, I’m not involved with that. We stopped in the town of Niland, California, to procure propane and toilet paper before making Cheap Jordan Shoes our final approach on Slab City. We reported an investment loss of $75,000 for the quarter, compared to a loss of $127,000 in 2014. Also, when your muscles are extremely sore from a Fake Ray Bans previous workout, you will need to take more cheap authentic jordans time to warm up. They are already going to have a lot of work ahead of them, fighting for fair pay and compensation packages for themselves or those teammates they are hiring should not be one of them.. As far as Test cricket is concerned, Lee’s fire has been extinguished. Can even call them rookies anymore, Giants defensive end Olivier Summer Vernon said of the Cowboys tandem. He will try to continue the Heat’s winning ways without Lebron. And also when I listen to the words of Gregg Williams, former defensive coordinator of the NewOrleans Saints..

PF 2014

PF Komenska 2014
how to lose 10 pounds fastAn article in this month’s edition of the British Medical Journal has highlighted a growing number of cases reported by wholesale jerseys china Doctors and Surgeons involving the very same ray ban sunglasses side effects Ray Ban Sunglasses from the 70s. All of the patients examined were regular drinkers of RedBull and it is believed that the safety of Glucuronolactone is currently under review in at least three major European countries.“ISPs, Web Search Portals, and Data Processing ServicesRetail Health and Personal Care ProductsIn Manatee County, additional fast growing jobs includeJohn Ringling Mansion and Art MuseumThe John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is a tribute to a legendary circus magnate and his wife. Ringling Brothers Circus was a mainstay of entertainment in the first half of the 20th century, joining with Barnum and wholesale nfl jerseys Bailey Circus thereafter cheap football nfl jerseys cheap jerseys china to continue the circus tradition. Once held in gigantic tents, the stakes of which were placed into position by elephants, these circuses switched to sports arenas and stadiums in large part by 1950.How <a cheap nfl jerseys href=““ target=“_blank“>oakley sunglasses I wish Twitter had a more transparent system of awarding verified signs. How I wish there were more checks to weed out fake ‚followers‘. Or, to automatically suspend accounts the moment foul custom jerseys language is used. Facebook is reported to have complied with half of those requests, ostensibly in „national interest“. How I wish Twitter, which is bursting at its seams with hate tweets, also comes up with a report of handles Cheap Oakleys blocked for abuse. How I wish Linkedin gives us the option of showing the actual number of connections a user has instead of its „500 +“ mark. If you have 1000 + connections, will it still say 500 +?My theory is that the human brain is decent at discerning things like „more“ or „less,“ and is even OK at telling the Replica Air Jordans difference between a lot and a little. But the difference between a 4 1 ratio (what my Steeler cheap MLB Jerseys friends had predicted) and the not quite 2 1 ratio we’re seeing slices perception too thin. Oh, and one more thing that doesn’t bode well for the „home field“ advantage that the Steeler fans were maybe expecting: A lot of the people in the second count were unaffiliated. I even saw three Lions jerseys. The (Lean casual or uncommitted fan tends to pull for the underdog in this case, that’s the Cardinals.The AIC for the models with an additional aa input at TSC1 TSC2 pT1462, p70 S6K pT389 or PRAS40 pS183 did not improve by at least 1% (AIC>1,401, red text in Table 1), and these models were consequently discarded. We next investigated whether a third aa responsive component could further improve the fit.
Both teams are 4 8. Journalist at the Daily Mail cheap nfl jerseys Alison Boshoff says in a recent article, from her beauty, there is another thing which Delevingne Fake Ray Bans likes cheap jerseys wholesale to play down: her status as a high society sweetheart. But it wasn’t until this year when a close personal friend of Sterling surreptitiously recorded him saying ugly things about black people did any of those prior controversies become national cheap China Jerseys news. They work in different ways. Identify the source as a placing a period Factory after the word. But cheap nfl jerseys shop his greatest memorial may be the record he still holds at Ohio State, for the 50 yard high hurdles. So they had to make it 50 percent larger than it really wholesale football cheap Air Jordans jerseys china is.. The NFL had two different gauges to measure the pressure of the footballs at halftime of the AFC Championship game in question. Cheap Retro Jordans It is also considered an investment for the future, as a good PR campaign remains strongly embedded in the minds of people for a longer time.. cheap football jerseys It even looks like Promises and some of the other high end drug rehab facilities north of LA.. To wholesale nfl jerseys most of us the theme is being balloons in. It is his fourth visit to the pharmacy this week. A lighter shade of blue for the helmets would make these uniforms even better.. The week before, they had posted extra guards outside and stayed up all night, worried militants would emerge from tunnels in UD the hills. Evidence of the two religions coexisting was unsettling for some Lo Manthang residents, who consider Bn a primitive theology, full of black magic and arcane rituals.. And if by lunching you mean slapping together a PB in between diaper changes, and if by Cheap Jordans manicuring you mean wrestling a 38 pound toddler to the floor so that you can cut his Edward Scissorhand fingernails, and if by shopping you mean trolling eBay while the kids are in bed . You may even put a high sugar fruit on top along with a teaspoonful of table sugar.). Provided this, you be able to set a selling price of 6/1 and obtain the exact range of wagers as you would should you placed it at 10/1.. 1, 2, 3, 4, lift to get yourself over. At 50 AgTx 2 and MgTx increased RGC survival by 2.8 fold and 3.3 fold, respectively. Brown and Coach Lewis‘ call. Avellino did not jordan sale take part in the Thunderbirds‘ Cheap nba Jerseys win over the Sydney Sandpipers on Thursday night, but Australian Netball Players Association’s Paul Bell said the 32 year old still intended to play for the Adelaide club. The problem is pills and booze. No doubt you’ll find them.. That’s a little bit about tennis balls.. He’s just your run of the mill, selfish, sexist prick. Hilton and Hamlin grew as agricultural communities. Your gauge will tell you how many pounds is in it already.

Jídelníček 30.12. – 03.01.2014

30.12. – 03.01.2014

Hunt is 31, and acutely aware that the survivors of Geelong’s breakthrough 2007 premiership are dwindling by the year. Tom Harley, Cameron Ling and Cameron Mooney speak to him through a TV screen now; he sees opposition assistants disappearing up the race and thinks, „I discount played with those guys, and they’ve been coaches for five or six years.“The Strategic ComponentThe next component to consider Replica Air Jordans is the strategic component. Do you believe there is any difference between running a mile on a cheap nfl jerseys treadmill verses running in a mile race? Of course there Cheap Jordans Sale is. You may set a goal to run a mile within a certain time while running on a treadmill, but that is a goal, that is not a strategy. On the other hand you may consider lane selection, race position and pace as factors that define your strategy while competing in a cheap oakleys mile long race. Pool has a strategy, but as we have already determined, it does not have an athletic component, the same can be said for chess and poker. Remember for an activity to be considered a sport, all four components must be present. One other note of caution, many times the strategic component is confused with the defensive component. The game of checkers has a strategic component; however it does not have a defensive component. I’ll cheap nhl jerseys cover the defensive component later.On a day like any other in Cheap Jordans late August 2003, pizza deliveryman Brian Wells was about to end his shift when a fateful order came in. The directions given to Brian led him to a winding, deserted, dirt road that ended at a lonely TV tower. Now most people upon arriving at the spooky deserted road would have just tossed the pizzas in the ditch, but not Brian Wells. He was dedicated to his minimum wage delivery job.NFL scouts should be dependable, be able to work independently and have strong analytical skills to properly gauge a player’s ability to succeed in the NFL. Since there are Fake Oakleys often more tasks to complete than time to Ray Ban Outlet do them, scouts must be adept at organization and time management. To be successful as a scout, you also need to get comfortable with writing everywhere, effectively and all the time. Scouts visit schools to watch films, sit in on practices, conduct player interviews, perform background checks and visit player workouts, and must write detailed reports and notes afterwards. Bureau of Labor Statistics, scouts typically need oakleys outlet a minimum of a bachelor degree in marketing, sales, business or sports management. Additional classes, certification courses or related activity will improve your chances of becoming an NFL scout. For example, Sports Management Worldwide offers an eight week, online Football GM Scouting Course that teaches a variety of vital information, such as how to write a scouting report and Cheap nfl Jerseys how to rate player talent for the NFL draft. Graduates receive an SMWW Certificate of Accomplishment.
The british during their empire, cottoned on to the fact that this may be a good idea, instead of using perfume and defacating and urinating in pots under their beds. NASCAR broadcast, part of the 2007 2014 broadcast agreement, was 36% of 2011 revenue. Thank cheap nfl jerseys you for not cheap nfl jerseys wholesale using Velcro for the attachment on your bib. They Ray Ban Sunglasses bring only social acknowledgement and praise. This could also lead to severe health problems such as obesity or even diabetes. Unlike NFL Sunday Ticket Package, NFL Red Zone is not fortune dependent. Hi my name is Tanya Batts and I’m an instructor at Gold’s Gym. Having this clear surface also has a psychological effect that makes the home seem tidy even if other areas of the Cheap Jerseys home are haphazard or covered with piles of items.. Large cap, etc.) do not play any role in security selection as over the long term each such category will have almost identical real risk adjusted returns. I went to a highschool in texas in 1970’s and they had just become a 5 a school and their team mascott NFL Jerseys China was the eagles. People say cheap jordans online I became famous, but I say I became infamous. Clearly the news could be a sign the financial sector is improving, but there remains the issue of the toxic Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys assets on the balance sheets of many of the banks. Door slamming, people Explosion screaming, and cars speeding away.. The president has touted positive economic trends since he took office at the height of the Great Recession. Even after being outgained 148 yards to minus 14 while falling behind by three TDs in the first 10 minutes of the third quarter, Evans rallied his team to make a game of it in the fourth quarter.. Consequently, the discussion cannot be limited only to the substance and immediate visuals of what Kaepernick is saying/doing as if his words and actions are occurring in a vacuum, in isolation. 8). He miss ray ban sunglasses sale some throws due to wonky footwork. Cheap Jordans Sale We obviously like in our system to think that there’s a big difference between Republicans and Democrats, but the issue with Russia is that the presidential inbox has remained Wholesale Jerseys largely the <a href="" Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses target=“_blank“> same for the last twenty two years. (AP) Cheap Jordans Jared Goff is one step closer to the field for the Los Angeles Rams.The No. But there #사금융채무통합 are cheap oakleys outlet a couple of big problems with it. Learn to move well using the squat, and you have some of the most productive workouts you ever had.. His burst finally appears to have returned, and he took off on a flashy, 75 yard touchdown run on the first play of Cheap nfl jerseys the second half. The EU should grant Turks visa free travel in October or the migrant deal that involves Turkey stemming the flow of illegal migrants to the bloc will be shelved, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told Germany’s Bild newspaper. Round two includes 15 repetitions on thrusters and pullups before finishing with nine repetitions of thrusters and pullups..

Prosincová mikulášská laťka

joomplu:9247Dne 4. 12. 2013 jsme uskutečnili soutěž ve skoku vysokém pod jiným oficiálním názvem, než jsme byli dlouhá léta zvyklí. Do soutěže ve skoku vysokém se zapojilo 31 žáků z prvního a druhého stupně. Žáci 3.-5. tříd měli možnost si skok vysoký vyzkoušet a natrénovat v ranních hodinách v třítýdenním předstihu.

Skákalo se za doprovodu hudby, což některé žáky vybičovalo ke skvělým výkonům. Podporovalo je také publikum, které bylo tvořeno dětmi z družiny.

V kategorii dívky 3.-5. třída zvítězila cheap authentic jordans Šustková Lucie, která pokořila výšku 100 cm.

Kategorie 3.-5. třída chlapci nám nabídla vyrovnané výkony, ale nejlepší z nich byl Schmidt Gerd se svým výkonem 115 cm.
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Kloboukový turnaj

joomplu:9162Pohybu není nikdy dost.

S tímto heslem jsme se sešli ve čtvrtek 28.listopadu s dětmi v hale.

Sportovci z třetí až páté třídy si vylosovali z klobouku, s kým budou v družstvu a proti komu budou soupeřit. Sešlo se jich hodně- kolem 70. Utvořili jsme 5 družstev. Odpočívalo vždy jen 12 dětí, ostatní děti soutěžili najednou na dvou hřištích.

Hrála se vybíjená. Nešlo ani tak o to zvítězit, spíše se setkat, porovnat síly, zjistit, kdo jak hraje, kdo se nebojí míče, kdo už dokáže přehodit hřiště…
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Výroba vánočního věnce

joomplu:9138Touto neděli 24.11. jsme přivítali adventní čas, a proto jsme se rozhodli začít s vyzdobováním naší školní družiny. Začali jsme výrobou vánočního věnce na dveře.

Větvičky z jedle nám darovali Štekbauerovi z Oder, za což mnohokrát děkujeme. Větvičky jsme měli, ale kde vzít zručnost a nápaditost? Ray Ban sale Oslovili jsme paní Petru Jurajdovou, maminku naší žákyňky první třídy o pomoc. Ve středu 20.11. přišla za většími dětmi ray ban sunglasses do školní družiny a 21.11. za prvňáčkama.

Děti pomáhaly se stříháním větviček, zkoušely vázacím drátkem přichycovat ke korpusu věnce.
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Jídelníček 16.12. – 20.12.2013

16.12. – 20.12.2013

Evaluate the offense of each team against the defense of the other team. Just saying one team’s offense is better than the other’s defense isn’t enough If a team with a cheap football jerseys great running game is going against the best run defense in the league, that will usually limit the effectiveness of their running game. If a team has an average passing game, but the opposing defense has one of the Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys worst passing defenses in the league, in the offense gets an advantage there.Like Lifeforce, The Retu of the Living Dead features no end Cheap Jerseys of full frontal nudity. Little do they know that their friend and his boss have accidentally released an experimental gas ray ban outlet that re animates the dead, who crave human brains. In no time, the cemetery is overrun with wholesale nfl jerseys hungry zombies. In true zombie movie tradition, the punk rockers barricade themselves inside a funeral home. But will the barricades hold?This is actually a pretty good movie, but it’s still a zombie movie, and that means it asks a lot of its audience. Fortunately, it comes through with the gratuitous nudity in a big way. Scream queen Linnea Quigley gets stark naked early on for the infamous ‚grave dance,‘ and then, to the unexpected delight of both boys and manboys everywhere, cheap nba jerseys she stays au naturel for the rest of the movie.VAUGHN: Magianis explains that the higher the value of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar, the more Canadians travel to the wholesale football jerseys china US to dine and shop. When the Canadian dollar falls, custom jerseys more Americans travel to Windsor for the same purpose. But Magianis says he’s worried that a new plan to require passports for everyone crossing from Canada into the US is going to hurt his restaurant.Huff is a fourth year senior and a three year starter at oakley outlet wide receiver. He also is used to return kickoffs. Even though he didn’t start as a true freshman, he got significant play time and accumulated over 1000 gewinnt yards in total offense. This year, he is the Ducks leading receiver to date with 38 catches for 703 yards Baratas Ray Ban and six TDs. He has returned wholesale football jerseys china eight kickoffs for a 26 yard average.Wayne Rooney led England’s fightback after Slovenia took the leadRooney becomes England joint third highest goalscorerWelbeck has scored five goals in the last four gamesNo shots on target in dire first halfHodgson’s side keep 100% Euro 2016 record intactWayne Rooney helped England survive a scare against Slovenia on his 100th Cheap NFL Jerseys international appearance as they came from behind to make it four wins from four in the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.
Try to bond with your daughter. Frustrated by the prospect of another do nothing stadium task force, the Chargers on Monday warned San Diego to either step up or step aside in the pursuit of a new NFL venue, and again raised the specter of a relocation to Los Angeles. I was told the reason was they needed to make their profit margin and they chose to do that via layoff of staff. His 17 Cheap Oakleys year old daughter still lives at the family home in Fareham, Hampshire. What do you do to reach this player. Visual acuity significantly improved (mean LogMAR 0.5 vs0.15, Pvs6.4, P=0.2) and mean deviation ( 17.7 dB vs 17.0 P=0.91) were little changed after cataract removal. Then Llarold, the hipster barista, is all „Psh, casuals.“Llarold’s a damned enigma, but he makes the third best latte in town.This is why heroin in particular is responsible for such a large portion of all drug overdoses. „Obviously to do it with a long time to jordan retro 1 spare is nice. It’s just optimal to workout first thing in the morning. So, he controlled the money and, still, the bills never got paid. The second game of the varsity double header would involve two Western Regional Champions. Consider a special operations force that’s trained to the highest level in the United States military. Patriots are 12 4 following bye week under coach Bill Belichick. In a reminder of how swiftly footballer’s lives can change, he suffered a serious knee injury last week on loan to Sutton United and may never play again. The only clear(ish) number I could find were from the NCAA oakley sunglasses for men in the US for high school baseball players. Stories of these Cheap Oakleys cholesterol laden vampires are hard to replica oakleys believe Anne Rice and <a href="" Ray Ban Outlet target=“_blank“>cheap jerseys wholesale Stephanie Meyer taught us anything, it’s that vampires spend most of their time shirtless. Disteche, Camilynn I. In fact, if you happen to buy in bulk, you can purchase these cheap leather jackets for literally cents on wholesale football jerseys china the dollar. „I wonder how Jay would feel if someone someday called his daughter fat? Does he really want her dating a guy like him?“ retire The Stir’s Kiri Blakeley wrote. Hold the loop and loose wire with a pair of pliers at cheap nfl jerseys the cheap oakleys loop end about a third of the way up from the loop, and twist the two loop wire ends around the loose wire to form the torso for your figure. Bruce Springsteen, and Frank Zappa are two guys who love sporting the soul patch.. Discount Oakleys „The 49ers signed Harris and released running back Travaris Cadet. Carson Palmer was dreadful. You really don’t need to many things to make this project. Nothing was made official until the „Live! With Kelly“ premiere..

5.ročník logické soutěže IQ 150

<img class="jg_photo" style="margin: 10px;float: left" src="index.php?option=com_joomgallery&view=image&format=raw&id=9132&type=thumb" alt="joomplu:9132" Cheap nfl Jerseys width=“133″ height=“100″ />Jako již tradičně přinášíme výsledky soutěže našich LOGIKŮ. Letošní ročník vypracovalo 55 žáků 2.stupně ve dvou kategoriích. V porovnání s předchozími ročníky byly celkové výsledky o poznání lepší. Žáci dosahovali mnohem častěji vysokého počtu bodů, a výsledky tak cheap oakleys byly velmi těsné. Velmi nás tato skutečnost těší spolu se zájmem a stále se zvyšující účastí soutěžících.

V kategorii 6. – 7. tříd obsadila 1.místo Iva Pavelková ze 7.A, 2.místo Michaela Dobešová ze 7.B a na 3.místě skončila žákyně 6.A Natálie Tomášová. V kategorii 8. – 9. tříd zvítězil Jakub Ondřej z 9.B, na 2.místě se stejným počtem bodů jako vítěz, ale s Cheap Jordans delším časem na vypracování úloh wholesale football jerseys skončila Kristýna Fekarová z 9.A. 3.místo obsadila Martina Mičulková rovněž z 9.A. Všem úspěšným řešitelům gratulujeme!
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