joomplu:4358V úterý 24. dubna jsme uskutečnili pro naše nejmenší žáky turnaj v „Pálené“. Co to ta „Pálená“ je??? Všichni malí co to hráli, by vám dokázali okamžitě odpovědět. Pro nezúčastněné, v této hře mají hráči jednoho družstva za úkol přenést tenisový míček z jednoho rohu tělocvičny po celé délce tělocvičny do druhého rohu.

Jako pomoc proti zasažení jsou k dispozici nejrůznější nářadí, co může tělocvična nabídnout, za které se můžou hráči schovávat. Od švédské bedny, přes malé branky až po trampolínu. Druhé throwback jerseys nebo ostatní družstva se snaží své protivníky zasáhnout míčem, dříve než ho donesou do zmiňovaného druhého rohu. Vítězem se stane tým, který má po časovém limitu více přenesených míčků.
Pokračování textu Pálená

Zveřejnění kalkulačních listů

Omlouváme se za zpožděné zveřejnění kalkulačních listů, jejichž platnost je od 1.5.2012. Po předchozích nejasnostech jsme nechtěli situaci ještě více komplikovat a čekali jsme, až budeme moci zveřejnit definitivní verzi.

Ještě jednou se omlouváme a děkujeme za pochopení.

Mgr. Josef Hladný
ředitel školy

Of equal concern is a defence which continues to leak points at an alarming rate. The Saints‘ quarterback, Billy Joe Tolliver, was the chief tormentor, throwing a touchdown to Andre Hastings, and running for two more scores himself. San Francisco have lost five games in a row, their worst sequence since 1980.Could tell in Game 6 that he was starting to feel like himself, Kerr said. looked better. He looked like he was moving better. I told our coaching staff cheap jerseys china (Sunday), I have no doubt Steph Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys going to have a huge game. That just who he is. And he looked right again. he did. It wasn just the 15 fourth quarter points. It wasn the 7 for 12 from beyond the 3 point arc. The mind blowing first half closer, that driving bank high off the backboard and through the net while getting hammered to the floor, established the tone for the climactic finish in the second half.But sadly, we found only nice, normal folks. The first place we stopped was a singles club called LOW („Loners on Wheels“). We accidentally broke into their library, thinking it was for public use, even though the words „Members Only“ were written quite clearly on the inside of the door. We tried to pass our illiteracy off as simple rebelliousness, but nobody was buying it.While we like EA’s ambitious strategy, the firm could be taking risks that ultimately cause it to miss its 2014 expectations. In the July first quarter earnings call, EA management Oakleys cheap ray ban sungalsses Sunglasses Outlet predicted that non GAAP sales will grow 5% (to $4 billion) and operating costs will remain flat. However, there are two major factors that we expect could cause EA to miss its guidance.But wait, it gets worse. A study by the American Medical Association found that ingesting aspirin actually slows the rate at which your body metabolizes alcohol. Not only does that increase blood alcohol levels, but it makes the effects of the alcohol last longer. So if you feel better than usual when http://www.mycheapnfljerseys.com you wake up in the morning, it probably means you’re still drunk.The sound of the white noise and ray ban sunglasses sale the light from Aquiles the outside of the ping cheap nfl jerseys pong ball are eventually ignored by your brain. With all those signals out of the picture, your brain has to create its own, and this is where the hallucinations come in. We can’t guarantee they won’t involve, say, the ghost of Lizzie Borden trying to hack off your scrotum with an ax, but that’s the risk you take, dammit.Within their field, dentists have choices when it comes to specialties and work environments. They can practice http://cheapjerseysupply.com general dentistry or pursue one of nine recognized specialties, such as pediatric dentistry, dental public health, oral surgery NFL Jerseys China or orthodontics. According to the ADA, approximately 80 percent of dentists are general practitioners. Dentists can choose to work for another dental practice or start their own business or partnership. In addition to teaching and research, other career options include working for the armed forces, public health agencies or hospitals.
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Na Komendu bezpečně na kole


Vážení rodiče,

Dovolujeme si Vás pozvat na úvodní setkání k projektu „Na Komendu bezpečně na kole“ , které se uskuteční ve čtvrtek 3. května od 15.00 hodin ve školní jídelně školy. Naše škola obdržela grant Nadace partnerství, z dopravního podprogramu „ Bezpečné cesty do škol“. Ty, které zajímá problematika bezpečných cest( hlavně na kole, koloběžce, pěšky apod.) vašich dětí do školy, budete moc vítáni.
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Pozvánka na oslavu 80. výročí školy

pozvanka_80_let_mini program 80 let

In a thousand years, AIDS will still be known as that horrible, inexplicable plague that popped up in the ’80s and ruined drunken anonymous Cheap Football Jerseys sex forever. Fortunately, the battle against AIDS and HIV has taken great strides since then, mainly cheap jerseys because the people in charge have finally stopped covering their ears and shouting „lalalalalala“ every time it’s brought up. Here in progressive 2016, politicians are much more aware of the plight of AIDS sufferers than their backward ’80s counterparts. government officials recently pushed through a big political breakthrough on treating AIDS patients. Cheap NFL Jerseys Angered by the „just die already“ approach to people with AIDS back then, Woodroof decided Cheap Jordan Shoes to take matters into his own hands. In a matter of weeks, he was smuggling mass amounts of unregulated drugs and medicine into the US in an effort to keep himself and others alive a little bit longer which he succeeded in for years. Inspired by his rebellious heroism, Living Hollywood laid claim to the rights to Woodroof’s life story, and a couple of decades later, Dallas Buyers‘ Club was born.Having a father who was a Pro Bowl quarterback didn’t mean Peyton, Eli and eldest brother Cooper were destined for the NFL. All three of the Manning sons loved playing sports, but Archie says he never wanted to push them in one direction or another. „I wanted to be there for them NBA Jerseys Cheap and support Oakley Sports Sunglasses them,“ says Archie. „I felt like if Cheap Football Jerseys I pushed these kids into sports, I thought that’d backfire on me.“Cable news rival CNN averaged 698,000 viewers, while MSNBC averaged 648,000.“NBC Nightly News“ topped the evening newscasts with an average 9.61 million viewers while ABC’s „World News Tonight“ had an average of 9.22 million viewers.The „CBS Evening News“ had 8.01 cheap jerseys million.For the week of Cheap china Jerseys Nov. 21 27, the top 10 shows, their networks and viewerships: NFL Football: Pittsburgh at Indianapolis, cheap oakleys outlet NBC, 20.88 million; NFL Football: Kansas City at Denver, NBC, 18.44 million; „60 Minutes,“ CBS, 17.27 million; „NCIS,“ CBS, 14.86 million; „Thursday Night cheap nba jerseys NFL Pre Kick,“ NBC, 14.69 million; „Sunday Night NFL Pre kick,“ NBC, 13.14 million; „Dancing With the Stars“ (Monday), ABC, 12.08 million; NFL Football: Houston vs. He examined them on coach coach factory outlet the spot. In one he found some copper money and real ray bans a thimble. In the other (to use his own words, coach outlet official website given in evidence) he discovered various fragments of bread, sprinkled coach factory outlets over with some minute substance which was white and shining.
Not them. Yes Matt, we’re skipping the secondary storyline. For one, as some others have pointed out, TechCrunch has had its share of posts that could be seen in the same way (even bin Laden related). The skipper sent out a mayday call before abandoning ship, moments before the boat (right) smashed into the rocks. While he might not be quite as Cheap Jordans fast as RGIII, he may be a better all around athlete. Revenue from continuing operations grew 9% year over year to $6.2 billion, just a touch short of consensus expectations. Shows wholesale jerseys china her confidence, her comfort level. First, you can see an accountant dropping some envelopes cleanly into the lottery drum . They do this by shimming. When Italy reluctantly entered the war in 1915, their nearest enemy was the Austro Hungarian Empire to the north. I expect a 1500 yards and 14 TD season for the Tampa pass catcher. The essence of Buddhism has always been jordan sale The Middle Way and finding a happy middle between two extremes. Modern skyscrapers like the Federal Reserve and the Hancock towers fit in well with older buildings like the neoclassical Custom House and Quincy Market. That season the Patriots went 14 2 and won the Super Bowl with a roster that contained only three pro bowlers Ty Law, Willy McGinest, and Richard Seymour. To add to this, the increased blood flow causes the skin to glow and makes it radiant. He can’t wait to get to spring training. (Apparently, God makes snowballs so much fun purely to test our resolve.) It’s pretty much like The Hunger Games, only instead of learning awesome survival skills, you learn the Bible. Our effective tax rate during the first quarter was 33.3%, compared to 33.4% in the prior year. She simply added crushed red pepper to give it a little kick, cinnamon and some secret ingredients. „These days I watch the NRL grand final because it’s played at a time I’m sitting down. They come back game after game, year after year, telling themselves they should just sever Cheap Jordan Sale the relationship. It has been said that if you were to hold it like a canary, you don’t want the canary to fly away, but then again you don’t want to kill the canary. Had a concussion June 2013, I fell and hit my head on Replica Oakleys Sunglasses the bed post while sleepwalking . The fault, I believe, lied in either a disregard or an indifference towards the reality that inherent in the ideology of forced sterilization („they should not be allowed to reproduce“) is the seed that gives birth to extermination („they should not be allowed to exist“).. Cheap NFL Jerseys China

Máme nejlepší gymnastku v Moravskoslezském kraji

<img style="margin: Ray Ban sale 10px;float: left“ src=“index.php?option=com_joomgallery&view=image&format=raw&id=4313&type=thumb“ class=“jg_photo“ alt=“joomplu:4313″ />22. dubna 2012 se náš gymnastický oddíl při ZŠ Komenského v Odrách zúčastnil krajského kola ve sportovní gymnastice. Zastupovali jsme zatím pouze kategorii nejmladších, tzn. žákyně I – 1. – 3. třída. V této kategorii je ale největší konkurence.

Do Pálkovic se sjela skoro stovka gymnastek z různých věkových skupin. Naši kategorii reprezentovalo 33 závodnic v 11-ti družstvech.
Klání probíhalo na čtyřech nářadích: akrobacie, přeskok, hrazda a lavička. Děvčata soutěžila ve tříčlenných družstvech, ale zároveň bojovala o osobní umístění.
Pokračování textu Máme nejlepší gymnastku v Moravskoslezském kraji

Branně-ekologický den

joomplu:4305V pátek 20.dubna jsme připravili pro děti 1.a2. tříd branně-ekologickou vycházku. Již pátým rokem takto slaví naši nejmenší školáci Den země. Děti cestou odpovídají na připravené otázky.

Soutěží proti sobě celé třídy jednotlivých ročníků.

Letos byly úspěšnější děti z 1.A .

1.místo 2.C
2.místo 2.A
3.místo 2.B
Pokračování textu Branně-ekologický den

Pečení velikonočních perníčků

joomplu:4302Jelikož pečení perníků nepatří pouze k Vánocům, rozhodli jsme se letošní Velikonoce trochu osladit. Ve čtvrtek 29.3. 2012 jsme v naší cvičné kuchyňce Work začali – nejprve se umýt a vysvětlit pravidla bezpečnosti. A hurá do pečení!

Měli jsme formičky kuřátka, kytky, motýla, vajíčka, zajíce a srdíčka. Děti si perníčky vykrojily, společně jsme je upekli no a zdobit už musel každý sám.

Děti, které se pečení nemohly zúčastnit, si druhý den alespoň perníčky ozdobily a snědly.
Pokračování textu Pečení velikonočních perníčků

Na „ Komendu“ bezpečně na kole

Jelikož jsme již dlouhou dobu přemýšleli o tom, jak motivovat naše žáky, aby používali při cestě do školy ty nejvhodnější a nejšetrnější(ve vazbě na životní prostředí) způsoby dopravy, rozhodli jsme se podat grantovou žádost do Nadace partnerství, do programu Na zelenou- „ Bezpečné cesty do škol“. Paní Janošová z odboru rozvoje města nás na tento dotační titul upozornila, a protože byla správná doba pro podání grantu, tak jsme žádost sepsali. Překvapením bylo, když nám o měsíc později zavolali z Nadace partnerství, že naše škola uspěla a že jsme získali 72.000,- Kč na projekt pod názvem „ Na Komendu „ bezpečně na kole.
Pokračování textu Na „ Komendu“ bezpečně na kole

Jídelníček 30.04. – 04.05.2012

30.04. – 04.05.2012

an editorial meditation on nfl quarterbacksToday’s militarization of sports is even more blatant. Army Colonel (retired) Andrew Bacevich, which highlights the „cheap grace“ available to crowds at major sporting events. For profit sports corporations and the Pentagon cheap football jerseys join hands to orchestrate pageants that encourage (manipulate?) us to cheer and celebrate our flag, our troops and our sports and military heroes, as the obligatory fighter jets roar overhead.A top NFL executive formally of the Patriots said something very humbling to me on his way to an interview with another team; „the only reason I’m getting this interview is because Tom Brady makes своими us all look good“. I thought the comment to be spot on. As coaches and front office execs are crisscrossing the country right now interviewing for top jobs, I chatted with some current and former top football people about the traits Cheap Jordans needed to build a multiple Super Bowl winning dynasty. These are the five building blocks.“The final days of his life, it was very difficult for him because he was such a brilliant man, and he was very gifted, and for him to forget simple things like directions or having to write things down constantly jordans for cheap and reminders for himself . he was aggravated a lot,“ she said.PREDICTION vs. New England: Tom Brady is back and on a mission, the only way the Bengals pull this one out is to keep that man on the sideline for as long as possible. Expect a big day from Gronk and Bennett as Tom Brady just picks apart that Cincinnati secondary. Bengals 10 Patriots 35I could go on and on. I’m sure the readers of this Cheap Retro Jordan are familiar with campus „speech codes,“ because of which you can be thrown out of school for referring to someone with the wrong pronoun (I exaggerate, but not by <a wholesale nfl jersyes href=“http://www.cheapjerseys2013.com/“ target=“_blank“>cheap jerseys much. And we’ve all seen members of the minority group du jour get away with things the rest of us would probably go to jail for or at least be severely criticized nfl jerseys china because they’re part of an „oppressed“ group.) Well, now some of them are literally getting away with murder.So while tabloids write endlessly about his sessions with Hugh Jackman, Bruce Willis, or Angelina Jolie, Peterson is most proud of, say, helping to prolong the careers of 34 year old NFL star Tom NFL Jerseys China Brady, or tennis’s Pete Sampras, who publicly thanked him after the 2001 US Open, which he won at the age of 31. Given the enormous amount sports stars earn (last year’s US Open winner trousered $1.7 million), these kind of endorsements makes his services staggeringly valuable. He won’t tell me his hourly rate, but I am given to understand that it is not unadjacent to $400.
jim schwartz among nfl coaches fired following 2013 season“It’s a non human interface so there’s no emotional entity involved. Neither Major League wholesale jerseys Baseball nor the National Basketball Association enjoys that status. Over 600 new stores and in store Material Girl channels will open in the next five years.. When you over train, you run the risk of decreasing your heart rate which can lead to cardiac autonomic nervous system imbalance. You never really know what will be successful, and it is better to have many pans in the fire.. Line cheap nfl jerseys shop the top of your crutch pads with double stick hook and loop tape. El mandatario tambin felicit a la NFL y a los Rams de Cheap Ray Bans Sale St. A baseball team may struggle with their hitting and base running, but if it is known for pitching and fielding, that is something to build on for the future. Thus, light concentration by Mller cells increases photon absorption by the distal cones, but the photon gain effect is smaller compared with the effects of Mller cells upon S , M and L cones of the human equivalent (see Methods and Supplementary Fig. After being sent to a concentration camp, he got bored and left. This includes longstanding African American and Latino communities as well as recent immigrants from China, Myanmar, Nigeria, Latin America and India.. Pictures, videos, a map and poll and other facts are listed here. Today’s question, how far should your feet be apart when you are doing a deadlift. Keep the writing focused, conversational, and heartfelt. We all see the same media. Pulling the young boy away from the rebar, Nelson realized that he hadn’t eaten in days and was dehydrated. Labin1, 2 n3, Shadi K. Knox was the best coach I ever had, jordan retro 1 said former Rams guard Tom Mack, a Hall of Famer. On its face, that proposition sounds absurd. Turning to radio, where as I’ve said, we intend to divest about 50 mid sized market stations. The fact is a lot of mental toughness isn’t about preparing to win; Wholesale Jerseys it’s about learning how to lose and learning how NOT to lose. Sterling from the NBA for life and imposed NFL Jerseys Cheap a stiff monetary penalty on him as well. „After the teams worked me out, they all seemed really interested in me,“ he says. England U21 5 0 Fake Oakleys Bosnia Herzegovina U21 RESULT: Young Lions complete Euro 2017 qualifying campaign with crushing winJohn Swift fires the hosts in front with a strike from outside the boxTammy Abraham doubles England’s lead from close range shortly afterTottenham’s Joshua Onomah fires home a third shortly after the intervalDuncan Watmore and Abraham race through to add gloss to scorelineAidy Boothroyd’s side qualified for Poland after away win in KazakhtanEngland XI: Walton; Iorfa, Stephens, Chalobah, Galloway; Watmore, Swift, Hayden, Onomah; Grealish; AbrahamSubstitutes: Mitchell; Ward Prowse, Chambers, Baker, Gray, Redmond, HolgateBosnia XI: Piric; Memija, Sanicanin, Satara, Civic; Cerimagic, Sadikovic, Redzic, Hadziahmetovic; Popovic, BajicSubstitutes: Vasilj; Kadusic, Radeljic, Milosevic.