Jídelníček 06.02. – 10.02.2012

06.02. – 10.02.2012

The available „pranks“ include jerking the cursor around, turning caps lock on and off Cheap Jordan Sale indiscriminately and typing nonsensical snippets of text at random times, essentially recreating the experience of being 14 and on MySpace all over again. You can control the frequency with which these things happen through a series of buttons on the Cheap Jordan 12 device itself, which also features a convenient time delay setting so that it doesn’t start working immediately after cheap oakleys you volunteered to clean the 10 years of dust off the back of your friend’s Cheap mlb Jerseys desktop computer.Carson Wentz has done a lot of good things over the first two months of his NFL career. He came into Week 7 ranked seventh in the NFL in passer rating, he didn throw an interception until the final throw ofhis fourth start and he cheap oakleys has the Eagles at 4 2 after an impressive 21 10 victory over the undefeated Vikings.There was one reporter, Joel Currier with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, who asked for any and all evidence „leading up to“ Brown’s death in a FOIA request. The request could have possibly included the tape, since the incident report on the robbery identifies Brown as a suspect in the crime.Mr. RICE: I really have to stay affiliated with football. I’m going to have some opportunities, you know, doing broadcasting, being on the sidelines, and still be close to the players, but also I want to coach on the high school level a little bit. My son he’s you know, he’s a freshman this year. He’s playing football. I don’t know why, but, you know, he wants to play football and, you know, I’m going to go to his ball games and I’m going to, you know, help coach that team up and I feel like I have always had a routine. I want to be able to pick and choose want I want to do right now, and I think I’m going to have my, you know, opportunities.Switzer cheap nba jerseys said: „The record wages to revenue ratio of 67 per cent in the Premier League is a concern, and we expect wages growth to outstrip revenue increases again in 2009/10. This will further reduce operating profitability, a decline that cannot continue indefinitely. However, clubs have the opportunity, via the revenue uplift from the new broadcast deals from 2010/11, to get wage levels down to a more sustainable share of revenue. It’s not the first such opportunity. It remains to be seen whether they grasp it.“One of the biggest complaints people have about 3D (other than, „$20 FOR A MOVIE TICKET???“) is that they think it’s gimmicky when things pop out of the screen at you. Some people enjoy that, and it’s good for campy horror flicks like My Bloody Valentine or cheesy kids‘ movies, but many cheap oakleys people feel like it takes them out of the story.
The Ivy League is as good as it’s been wholesale football jerseys in this generation.“. As for shoes, you would want to choose something that is flat for all the basic hits and stalls. Will the NFL streams drastically increase ARPU? Likely not, because revenue generation from the streams is greatly limited. National http://www.cheapjerseysselling.com team. Images were obtained using bright field microscopy, a 60 oil objective with numerical aperture = 1.4, and a CCD camera (Olympus XC10). Instead of bringing the right arm all the way up by the head, the pitcher will make a „T“ with her arms. The kids should be having fun playing football, and that was always Justin’s main focus when working with younger kids. Dez Bryant and Julio Jones will probably be one of the best receiving duos in the league this year, not to mention Hilton and Matthews will be viable substitutes. You can’t blame Mario for having less natural talent than Bowser. Fans want to watch a NASCAR races live and there is a high chance the upcoming broadcast contract would surprise on the upside. They like to call this their „Stock Exchange.“ I am the only human present, and the only one using fundamental analysis.Their methods are excellent, as you will learn if you follow us for a few weeks. As more NFC enabled devices come onto the market, and user demand for contactless transactions grows, it is inevitable that retailers upgrade their current devices Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys to meet the new standard. So she’s doing just fine NFL Jerseys Cheap with that, it would be okay to start to progress her to some pivoting drills. Chapter 1 analyses the current status of land and water resources together with trends. The gray clad Knocks crews take pains to blend into the background. He turned out OK. We spent as much time as we could out of the house, even during less than perfect weather. His now ex girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, accused him of beating her up after a night of drinking and partying on Cheap Jerseys From China January 30. The 21 Cheap Ray Bans year old, who describes herself as a „Sweet loving girl from Oklahoma“ on her Twitter profile, also took credit for Gronkowski’s lackluster performance in the Patriots‘ Week 2 loss to the Wholesale Football Jerseys Arizona Cardinals.. This is a gang. For the fifth year in a row, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Kobe Bryant had the highest salary in the NBA from 2014 to 2015, reports Forbes. In his first appearance against http://www.cheapjerseyssalestore.com the Houston Texans he made a 53 yard run, just the second time he touched the ball. More so, it’s not just about the money it’s the value for money. The premature death of Chris Hallam is especially poignant, because of his lust for life. The kind of thing where something clicks in your brain like „Hey! Wait a second! What the hell am I watching here?“.

Jídelníček 30.01. – 03.02.2012

30.01. – 03.02.2012

Words that touch the nerve are held close by the heart. They are reminiscent of fleeting moments of love or greatest moments of incandescent inspiration. The famous ‚Let them hate as long as they fear‘, worn by David http://www.cheap-jordansshoesvips9.com Beckham on his right arm, is definitely more than just a phrase. Spanish and Latin tattoo phrases are in vogue with most of the celebrities vying to wear it on their sleeve. However, since you are inking it permanently, get a phrase that you truly believe in, instead of blindly doing it for the trend.The extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) is a small muscle in the forearm wholesale nfl jerseys that helps extend and adduct the hand. Extension is the action of pulling the back of your hand closer to your wrist, and adduction is bending the hand Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys outward toward the pinkie finger. The ECU starts on the lateral epicondyle (outside edge) of the elbow, and ends on the base of the fifth finger (the top side of the pinkie). Tendonitis of the ECU is primarily caused by overuse actions, such as repetitive typing in which the pinkie is often used.That may come as frustrating news to Patriots fans, players, and coaches, as well as other NFL followers. Earlier this season, when a last http://www.cheapoakley2012.com second Baltimore Ravens field goal attempt sailed over an upright and replacement referees called it good, the Patriots suffered their second loss of the season and questioned the ruling.Be a good athlete. Develop athletic skills that translate well to professional football; Run track if you want to play speed positions, such as wide receiver and safety football players are measured for their times in the 40 yard and 100 yard dashes. Lift weights to develop good fake ray ban sunglasses upper body strength and a low center of gravity if you want to play as a lineman.If the EA Sports team is right again, Seahawks fans will be feeling low in a week’s time. For now, they can hope the EA Sports prediction is flawed after all, they can say, the game seems to have omitted the team’s famed „12th Man,“ as it calls its fans, from the simulation.’CHP is advising that she is heavily battered.’Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed that the 34 year oldwastreated at an area hospital for non life threatening injuries.Today, Papini’s family are simply relieved to have her back safe and sound.’This has been the most amazing Thanksgiving that our family could ever Knockoff Oakleys ask for,‘ Sheila Koester told The Sacramento Bee. If the Jets passes on Cushman, he will most certainly be picked up immediately by either the New York Giants or wholesale nfl jersyes the St. Louis Rams in the 5th or 6th pick. The only other Quarterback that’s worth taking in the first round is MIchigan State’s Tony Banks, but with good defensive prospects available, he’ll probably move down as an early pick in the 2nd round.
how to fake a hand off in footballYou’ll need four tackling dummies for this drill. The devil’s in deciding where the cutoff is. A similar story is unfolding for midfield back Jamie Roberts.Gatland fake oakleys will smile ruefully at every suggestion, knowing there will be casualties, hiccups and interesting developments throughout next year’s Six Nations and the tail end of the rugby season in Europe before he can put a squad on the plane.. Whether you’re new to Madden, or you have been playing for years, there is a simple strategy that you can begin using that will allow you to frustrate your opponent, get more wins, and move up on the Xbox Live or PS3 leaderboards. The Spanos family doesn’t like spending a lot of money on head coaches. CBS and FOX have exclusive rights to air Sunday afternoon games, while NBC holds the rights air to air prime time Sunday night contests. Andrew Zimbalist, the Robert A. Yet, NBC did retain the Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses crown and that’s largely because of the Super Bowl.. I’ve heard of over 50 former players who have had unusual circumstances related to their deaths and were also victims of CTE. If you stomp on a teammate on a field, you get more than what Ray Rice got in those two games. Also, creating a strong run stopping nose guard is something that is hard to do on a game like Madden.. So it’s important to have a consistent approach. It was a steady hit for most of its run, but when the ratings declined, the powers that be decided to end the series. Once you have Discount Oakleys a sizable dough ball, break it up into smaller parts before spreading it out atop your http://www.cheap-jordansshoesvips9.com kitchen counter, using a rolling pin. Assembly and transport of neurofilaments are disrupted by mutant HSBP1 and mutant neurofilament light chain (NFL). As a receiver, he has good hands, can get open, and again, once the cheap nfl jerseys ball is in his hands, he becomes a nightmare for the defense. Joked with a few of them, you and my son, neither one of you morons can rent a car. The Stars have hit a roadblock in recent times, nfl jerseys shop losing their past three matches and barely hanging on to their place in the top four with the competition having passed Cheap Jordan its halfway point. Its laws of equal inheritance among men and women and its lack of a stigma toward illegitimate children are two things highly uncommon in the rest of the male dominated Seven Kingdoms. His decision to hand Mitchell Johnson the second new ball paid immediate dividends, and Haddin was a huge support behind Title the jordan retro 1 stumps to Lyon, who claimed six wickets in the last session to finish with the best match figures (12 286) by an Australian spinner against India..

Vánoční besídka pro rodiče

joomplu:3688Tradiční předvánoční posezení s rodiči a jinými příbuznými dětí navštěvujících školní družinu proběhlo v jídelně naší školy ve středu 21.prosince.

Pohoštění bylo připraveno, děti vyrobily krásné vánoční dekorace, písničky byly nacvičené – mohli jsme začít. Děti se nejvíc těšily na nakupování svých výrobků. Rodičům jsme připravili projekci fotek a video nahrávek pořízených při různých akcích školní družiny, např. besídka v Domově důchodců, návštěva kadeřnic z místního SOU, fotky dětí při práci nebo hře ve školní družině.

Chtěli bychom velmi poděkovat všem, kteří přišli a do naší družinové kasičky přispěli. Celkem jsme napočítali =2.439,- Kč. Peníze využijeme pro děti navštěvující školní družinu.
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Jeden den pro Afriku

joomplu:3611V pondělí 16. ledna jsme hned ráno ve škole přivítali exotickou delegaci z Afriky. Taneční skupina Alinga Mansaka Etu z Konga nám přijela v rámci svého charitativního turné představit tradiční konžskou národní hudbu a tanec. Umělci sice přijeli velice unaveni po pětidenním čekání na udělení víz na letišti, ale na jejich výkonu to nebylo vůbec znát.
Také počasí je dosti překvapilo, neboť přiletěli pouze v tričkách a sandálech a sníh většina z nich ještě nikdy v životě neviděla.

Umělecká skupina vystoupila v naší tělocvičně dvakrát, poprvé pro naše mladší žáky(1.-5. třída) a druhé vystoupení patřilo žákům 2.stupně. Po úvodních tancích vždy následovala malá škola bubnování a tance a celé vystoupení pak bylo zakončeno autentickým dokumentem z Konga. V krátkém filmu byla rovněž představena škola, pro kterou bude nakoupeno vybavení za finanční prostředky získané z tohoto projektu.
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Jídelníček 23.01. – 27.01.2012

23.01. – 27.01.2012

As a beginner or anybody just getting started out, I recommend something along waist level. If you get it up really high, Cheap Football Jerseys think of a pendulum. If it’s really high, you’re almost going to swing the length of where the height is and when it gets really high, it pulls your shoulders off balance. Leila and Jose dated on and off from 2011 to 2014, when it seems things got so bad that Canseco turned to internet dating. No, he didn’t make a Tinder account like a normal person. He shouted into to see if any of his followers felt like getting wholesale nfl jerseys married that instantCollective activities like scavenger hunts promote camaraderie and morale, especially in larger firms where employees don’t mix outside of their department. Choose 15 personal and work related items, like coffee cups, day planners, desk photos and personal organizers to hide around the office. Divide staff into teams and give them about 10 minutes to find everything. The object is to connect each item with its owner. To win, players must work with colleagues they don’t know, which breaks down personal barriers that impair their performance.Such as clubs, baseball bats, and guns. He slept with a sharpened machete next to his side of cheap nfl jerseys the bed. Most of these weapons were used in his acts of violence against other people. He had quite a Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses long police record Wholesale Jerseys and it seemed like we were forever paying his fines and restitution. The first step is being appointed as an associate scout, which is a volunteer position. An associate is required to help the area scout with his job and collect information. This is a chance to Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses get to know the high school coaches in the area and become practiced in evaluating players. Congratulations! You are on your way to landing your dream job.“Wow they must like me, I got $10 off per month for 12 months, wholesale jerseys Starz for free for 6 months, and NFL Sunday Ticket for $99. So I come out $20 ahead after a year,“ one commenter wrote on a forum on the site Satellite Guys. „All I did was say I’d like to wholesale nfl jerseys cancel due to the Viacom dispute. Even mild concussions, especially when sustained within a short period of time, can lead to long term effects or disabilities, such as memory loss, diminished senses or mood swings. And while the symptoms of a Grade One concussion disappear within 15 minutes, the brain may not fully heal for a week or longer [source: Wanjek]. A Mayo Clinic study found that a person’s risk of developing Parkinson’s disease increases by a factor of four after a moderate head injury [source: Mayo Clinic]. The risk goes up greatly with more severe head injuries, indicating that head trauma is a contributing factor for some people who develop Parkinson’s.
At this stage it is about looking at options but nothing more.‘. And if the victim reaches down to try to free himself from the human paper shredder, that’s when things can go from bad to worse. Next day after that fish and then back to the chicken. After seeing his team 15 point lead dwindle to 97 91 in the final 7 minutes. I don’t want everyone’s opinion. His hallmark study has led to more research and helped lead the way for more cheap ray bans preventative exercises to hopefully help decrease the ACL epidemic especially in the мангу female athlete.. The use of performance enhancing substances has always been with us, and probably always will be: Too much money is at stake. Our strategy for the next several years will be to focus on growth, both organic and from acquisitions. On the next couple, he did a good job being patient, setting up the blockers, having a better feel. Name dropping DrakeJacques Bailly is the contest’s official pronouncer, a comforting presence who calmly reads out each word, its origin and uses it in a sentence for the contestants. Also, find out how much they want to http://www.cheap-nfl-nike-jerseys.com be paid. Liverpool were being outclassed and were down 0 Cheap NFL Jerseys 3 at halftime in Istanbul. She’s the mother of my children and we have a great relationship and we live to make sure our children are happy. He works with some of the top athletes in the world as well as NBA and NFL professionals. Australia has never Oakleys sunglasses Outlet been able to reconcile, not with indigenous people, or even with itself in discussions of how to act, and what to say.. The story is far from over. http://www.bestfakesales.com/sale/ LOS ANGELES (AP) “ Olympic gold cheap jerseys wholesale medalist Laurie Hernandez can add a „Dancing with the Stars“ crown to her 2016 haul after winning the 23rd season of the ABC reality competition.The 16 year old gymnast took home the Mirrorball Trophy after the conclusion of a two episode finale Tuesday night. Let’s do little kisses.“ Reinforce slow. Wilson and the rest of the Seattle Seahawks lost a tight game to the New England Patriots last year in Super Bowl 49. But it’s wonderful what the Patriots have done four straight AFC Championship games. Now that the nuts and bolts have been worked out, cheap jerseys china let’s talk about what to do to get ready for the event.. Recently, I had an NFL client call me in tears because his grandmother questioned his love for her because he was able to give her only $10,000 to help with back bills and other expenses, instead of the $15,000 she requested. That’s not 0.6 years; we mean six actual years..


joomplu:3552Charitativní koncert, jehož výtěžek půjde na vybavení lavicemi na základní škole E.P. Maman Kapila v předměstí Kinshasy Mbanza-Lemba v Kongu, v Africe.


V PONDĚLÍ 16. ledna 2012 v naší tělocvičně

9.50 – první koncert pro I. stupeň
12.00 – druhý koncert pro II. stupeň
od 14.00 – pečení s družinou

Zájezd na zápas hokejového mistrovství světa žen do 18 let

joomplu:3578Naše škola vypravila dne 6. 1. 2012 autobusový zájezd na utkání o udržení mezi Ruskem a Švýcarskem, které se hrálo v Přerově. Tento zájezd se domluvil v rekordně rychlé době, tak tímto děkuji panu Fojtíkovi, že si na nás udělal cheap nfl jerseys tak rychle čas a vypravil se na s námi na hokej svým autobusem.

Akce se uskutečnila až po vyučování a zúčastnilo se jí 38 dětí a 3 učitelé. Před zápasem dostaly naše děti od sympatických Švýcarek vlajky a odznaky, a tak nebylo pochyb, komu budeme fandit. Nakonec sice po tuhém boji vyhrálo Rusko, ale hokej se nám velmi líbil a všichni byli spokojeni, zvlášť když jsme na utkání potkali i české hokejistky a ty byly ochotné se s našimi žáky vyfotit.
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Jídelníček 16.01. – 20.01.2012

16.01. – 20.01.2012

ed woodward joins gary lineker’s birthday celebrationsThis isn’t Gallup or Nate Silver. It’s not surprising that even an informal social media poll would find wide spread revulsion for the Patriots. This just reinforces a long held belief of mine and others that success (as well as familiarity) breeds envy and contempt. It’s http://cheapjerseysupply.com interesting, too, that the Patriots carried Florida in this survey given the extensive support the team receives whenever it nfl jerseys cheap plays in Cheap Jordan Sale Jacksonville, Miami or Tampa Bay. Patriots bumper stickers and hats are common place in Central Florida, and not just because Lake Brantley High School (alma mater of Jason Varitek) calls its teams the Patriots with the blessing of the NFL franchise.“All you need is a credit card and a broadband connection,“ thundered Dish CEO Joe Clayton, speaking at the International Consumer Oakleys Outlet Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month. „It’s aimed squarely at the millennial audience those 18 to 35 year olds, who represent a market virtually untouched by the pay TV industry today.“This appraisal will surprise and probably be disputed by those of Saintly hue. St Kilda, after all, have been the more consistent side in 2015 and made the greater progress on the field particularly when measured against the expectation that they would be repeat wooden spooners. The Saints also seem further advanced in building a culture, while Alan Richardson is more cheap nfl jerseys proven and seasoned than Paul Roos‘ untried successor, Simon Goodwin.Meanwhile, Bundy and cheap jordan shoes his followers continue to make daily appearances at morning news conferences, even as the gaggle of national and international media starts to thin. Bundy cheap nfl jerseys has repeatedly described this as a grass roots protest, one that splintered out of frustrations and anger during a planned public protest in support of Wholesale China Jerseys two local ranchers in Burns on Jan. 2.Not doing the Super Bowl, she told the audience. mean, come on, that show is not about music. And I don really I can dance or anything like that. We have had conversations with several Cheap Oakleys artists about the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. However, we have not at this point extended a formal offer to Adele or anyone else. We are focused on putting together a fantastic show for Houston and we look forward to revealing that in good time.“At midnight on the 22nd of June 1943, the unit managed to evade all of these countermeasures and plant the mines on the hulls of 10 ships, which from a security standpoint is roughly about 10 more ships than you’d want an intruder to be able to plant mines on. The Cheap Jordan 11 men then rowed across to their nearby rendezvous point of Ross Creek. And then, presumably in order to celebrate a job well done, they wandered back into Townsville and found somewhere to grab some sleep.
Hell, the effort to add fluoride to drinking water was declared a communist plot those sneaky bastards were everywhere. Instead of avoiding risk, learn how to embrace it without fear and as a result achieve more than you ever thought possible.“ Cathy Newton, Living in Full Swing (Advantage Media 2007). Do yourself a favor Retro Joradns Shoes and buy Comcast shares before the Super Bowl to take advantage of this discounted share price.. Goldberg’s financial problems he has personal debts of pounds 30m were under the spotlight yesterday when a meeting of his creditors took place in London. It’s not funny, Billy, because maybe you know their uncles or second Baratas Replicas Ray Ban cousins or something. Yet this is the first time an existing saracak NFL team owner has secured a site in the city big enough for both a stadium and parking space.. 4H). These results were presented at a late breaking abstract at the recent American Academy of Neurology Meeting as one of only 14 selected abstracts in a data bliss presentation. No time to ponder urine based philosophical questions, man, you need to survive! You scramble for the nearest doorway, congratulating yourself both wholesale jerseys china on your level headedness in a stressful situation as well as the foresight to pass out so close to a doorway.. Liverpool were being outclassed and were down 0 3 at halftime in Istanbul. Cal 38, UCLA 35. Not to mention they do not know the tricks to hide your offensive plays once you are getting into formation. A rough translation might be, ‚I can’t stand working for Jerry Jones any longer‘.. They say, isn that terrible. Yippee. I get the concern and I get the outcry and I know everything with him is magnified times a thousand. There any sort of player who going through something that very personal, we work with them. Your teacher probably made a big deal out of the great Ancient Greek advances in politics, philosophy, architecture and so on. After receiving a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, he continued his studies and research.. 1C, top). Collingwood recently designed a new series of risk management procedures.. How do you transform that into power?. There were many days that it was really, really hard balancing classes with 35 hours a week of practices, internships and other extracurriculars was not easy.. The loss will also spark some wholesale nfl jerseys confidence in the other NFC Super Bowl hopefuls as it shows that the Panthers are a team capable of being beaten. We as women are finding our way to our center, to that place of authenticity, fake oakleys where we are connected to the Source of all life.

Týden vánočních turnajů 2011

joomplu:3458Poslední týden ve školním roce 2011 jsme uspořádali sportovní akci s názvem „Týden vánočních turnajů“. Od pondělí do čtvrtku byla na programu jednotlivá utkání daných sportovních odvětví.

Žáci měli možnost se vždy po vyučování odreagovat a přijít na jiné myšlenky než jen na ty s každodenními školními povinnostmi spojené.

Většinu turnajů jsme odehráli v Městské sportovní hale, která nám umožňuje tyto větší sportovní akce, určené dětem naší školy, uskutečnit a také v naší školní tělocvičně.
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Živý Betlém 2011

joomplu:3410Žáci speciální třídy a integrovaní žáci připravili pro děti prvních až třetích tříd tradiční vystoupení nazvané Živý Betlém.

Mimo svaté rodinky se v Betlémě poprvé objevili také skřeti a z pekla se vyřítil strašlivý čert. Vše perfektně, jako každý rok, zorganizovala paní třídní učitelka Marcela Tomečková.

V roli čerta vystoupil pan učitel Ondřej cheap jordans for sale Lišifka.
Pokračování textu Živý Betlém 2011