Kinderiáda 2011

joomplu:3145Ve středu 23. listopadu se uskutečnil třetí ročník Kinderiády na ZŠ Odry Pohořská. Soutěže se účastnila šestičlenná družstva, kdy v každém družstvu byli tři kluci a tři dívky. Do soutěže se zapojilo 10 družstev.

Na programu byl hod medicinbálem, hod na basketbalový koš, člunkový běh, skok z místa a nová disciplína 2 minuty sedy lehy. Naše škola vyslala čtyři družstva, aby si zasoutěžila a reprezentovala.

Žáci se statečně poprali s disciplínami a obsadili tyto místa: na 8. místě se umístila ZŠ Odry, Komenského II. (Hrabinová Daniela, Hrabinová Ester, Pohlodká Magda, Krahulík Aleš, Chloupek Adam, Chudý Dušan) s celkovým součtem 722 bodů.
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Jídelníček 05.12. – 09.12.2011

05.12. – 09.12.2011

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Hrátky u školáků

joomplu:3106Slyšeli jste, že si děti z MŠ Čtyřlístek přišly do ZŠ na Komenského ulici hrát?
„Ve škole se přece učí!“ myslíte si. Ano, ale v úterý 22.11.2011 tomu bylo jinak.

Učitelky z I.stupně se proměnily v princeznu, ježibabu, vodníka, sportovce, cyklistu, Berušku, kominíka s Eliškou a malí předškoláci u nich plnili jednoduché úkoly.

Za správně splněný úkol získali razítko na sluníčko. Nakonec si Cheap nba Jerseys za ně nakoupili drobnosti ve školním obchodě.

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Horní Suchá – florbal

joomplu:3079Orelská florbalová liga mladších žáků

Žáci Základní školy na Komenského ulici v Odrách se 6.11. v Horní Suché zúčastnili prvního turnaje Orelské florbalové ligy mladších žáků, kde hrají pod záštitou florbalového klubu Orel Hranice pod názvem Orel Hranice.

Odehraná utkání:

Odry -Havířov 7:0

Branky Oder vstřelili: Zavadil 3, Martinec 2, Křenek a Matěja 1 Pokračování textu Horní Suchá – florbal

Čtvrté místo v házené v okrese

joomplu:3063Ve středu 16.listopadu jsme odjeli směr Kopřivnice na soutěž v házené, kategorie VI.A.  Jelikož házená ze škol v posledních letech dost výrazně ustupuje(což je veliká škoda), konalo se přímo okresní finále.

Naše škola se zúčastnila jako jediná škola v okrese, která nemá vazbu na házenkářský oddíl. Ostatní tři školy  mají žáky, kteří v současné době hrají nebo prošli házenkářskou školou kopřivnického oddílu.

Postupně jsme prohráli s Gymnáziem Příbor 20:4, dále se ZŠ Emila Zátopka v Kopřivnici 24:7 a SOŠ Kopřivnice 29:5.
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Jídelníček 28.11. – 02.12.2011

28.11. cheap nba jerseys – 02.12.2011

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Jídelníček 14.11. – 18.11.2011

14.11. – 18.11.2011

Philadelphia Eagles (from cheap authentic jordans Cleveland Browns) Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State:It’s been 17 years cheap jordans online since Phillydrafted QB Donovan McNabb second overall. He sat behind Doug Pederson until he was ready to play, and that panned out OK. Like McNabb, Wentz is a strong Otu armed, mobile passer, and his experience in a pro style system should ease his transition from the Football Championship Subdivision to the pros. The 87 page lawsuit targets include Discount Oakleys the NFL involvement with youth football, describing the league as nerve center. undertaking of this voluntary duty has been at minimum an unmitigated disaster, and at worst, outright conspiracy to fraudulently conceal. data released earlier this month by the NFL and players suing the league over concussions project that 28% of the 19,000 living retired players will develop a serious cognitive issue. That estimate doesn include CTE cases.Oddly enough, DeflateGate and all the other issues that have plagued the NFL and tarnished its image over the past year have not adversely affected its business. The league seems to have a protective coating that is not likely to wear off any time cheap jerseys china soon. Despite calls for his ouster, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has retained his job for which he was paid $44.2 million last year. Stadium attendance is up 2 percent while ticket prices were 3.5 percent higher. TV ratings are up, and once the Super Bowl concludes the season, profits are expected to rise from the record $1 billion earned last year. Rather that kill the NFL, the recent image damage seems to have made it stronger. Time will tell if any lasting effects will hurt its business.When the University of Wyoming was slated to play Brigham Young University in 1969, 14 of Wyoming’s black football players wanted to protest the game: the church of Latter Day Saints had a rule that forbade African Americans from entering the priesthood. (In 1978, the Mormon Church changed its rule.) When the players approached their coach, Lloyd Eaton, seeking permission to wear black armbands during the game, he refused. And when they later asked him to reconsider, he banned them from the team. These teammates became known as the „Black 14.“Another fear was the threat of a consumer boycott. This has been discussed by various workers‘ rights groups, including some labor unions. These groups believe that the only way to get a company’s attention is by hitting them in the pocketbook. But the problem with boycotting a particular brand name or, as has been suggested, any item bearing a „Made in Bangladesh“ label, is that you hurt the wrong people.
Every day.“The Sea Org, from an uninformed child’s perspective, looked totally badass. And that’s where you can lose a lot of strokes, is when you hit a skull, when you skull a ball you can go into water, sand, trees, who knows where? So when you’re on hard pan don’t get discouraged. He was a talented boxer and Fake Oakleys Sale when he used his skills he was total package but sometimes he foolishly would trade when he did not need to slug it out.. For your music fix there is an interesting widget that actually allows you to listen to a few select albums before they are released. I won many trophies and the honor of attending state championships. Of cars, armani clothing the north face pas cher village occhiali oakley people converse do mcm handbags not nike air consciously katespade outlet given pandora a ralph lauren polo warm ray ban sunglasses welcome the north face on air jordan shoes the michael kors handbags station ugg boots clearance became indiana pacers the clothing websites pattern. The team of the offending player can not put a player on the ice to replace the penalized player (teams are allowed 6 players on Cheap Jerseys the ice during regulation play, usually 5 players and a goal tender.) During the cheap football jerseys power play, the team of the penalized player will then oakley sunglasses cheap be down a man resulting in a 5 on 4 advantage for the other team. Commissioner Silver banned Mr. This is a great job Baratas Replicas Ray Ban for your offensive line coach.. nba jerseys sales These names will ideally Cheap Oakleys offer some entertaining logo options as well. Marshall, on his first start for Miami this year, look well performing along Matt Moore, the guy that will be calling the shots from now on as QB number one for the Florida franchise, and it seems like the Dolphins will have to give Marshall more chances as starter in order to see if the combination of him with Moore can give the hapless Dolphins a reason not to give up.. Okay, I will, but I can leave the house cause I waiting for the phone to ring with Phil letting me know they made it. „As economists, we certainly understand the quality of life issue, and it’s a sad day to be a Rams fan in St. This call is being taped and can be replayed by dialing 1 866 NEWS LTD. The importance of maintaining focus in the workplace has been made clear time and time again in my many years of employment.. When asked whether he believed the rumors about Hoover’s transvestite tendencies, Capote pithily replied, „Who cares?“ This is easily the most gangster outlook one can have when casually annihilating another man’s reputation..

Jídelníček 21.11. – 25.11.2011

21.11. – 25.11.2011

baltimore ravens win super bowl xlvii“We’re also bringing BT Sport to a new generation of younger sports fans who view their entertainment online, through social media and on their mobile devices. We cheap nfl jerseys plan to make these finals News the most social sports broadcast ever, with lots Retro Joradns Shoes of exciting content in the build up and on the cheap jerseys wholesale night across YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine“.Norfolk Police Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry spoke after a 50 year old man, Michael Tucker, was jailed for 26 years at Norwich Crown Court for murdering his 28 year old partner, Rebecca Thorpe, and hiding her body in a freezer. Fry said NFL Jerseys Cheap that during the investigation there was widespread speculation on Twitter about the circumstances of the killing. Rumours included untrue speculation that Thorpe had been decapitated.In a thick bottomed skillet heat 1/2 inch of canola oil over medium Fake Oakleys heat to 350 degrees F. Cook falafel balls a few at a time, until golden brown, about 5 minutes. Be sure to turn them so they do not burn or stick to the bottom of the pan. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt while still hot.Draft your team. Your draft will probably be on a set date so know when it is so you can be there, otherwise you may get virtually drafted and have a team you do not want. There are two typical kinds of drafts in fantasy baseball. The first is the auction system in which teams are allotted a certain amount of money and can bid on players. The Wholesale China Jerseys second is a serpentine draft system where teams draft players in a determined order until all team rosters are filled.He said officers contacted several people in the home who appeared intoxicated and didn’t cooperate with police, but determined based on information and observations that there was probable cause to arrest Stevens for investigation of fourth degree assault. Murray didn’t identify the alleged victim, but court records show it was Solo, who received a cut to her elbow.Content is king in the entertainment industry, as the distribution ecosystem changes to favor more readily accessible, cost effective methods of consuming media. Industry titan Disney (DIS) has cheap oakleys outlet relied on its popular sports cable network ESPN, as well as newly acquired studios like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm to drive its brand of Americana into the modern age, while newcomers like AMC Networks (AMCX) produce highly rated programs to drive viewership higher. 21st Century Fox has a foot in virtually every genre and medium of on screen entertainment through its cornerstone Fox Entertainment Group. In film production, it owns the rights to „Avatar“, „X Men“, and other highly valuable properties. In television, it produces original shows on basic and cable television like „American Idol“, „American Horror Story“, and „It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.“Additionally, the various units often share symbiotic relationships. Cheap nfl jerseys For instance, the company’s FX Networks won the rights to syndicate Fox Broadcasting’s „The Simpsons“ for the first time in the show’s quarter century of airtime.
And then following that, the investigators really, the investigative arm of the NCAA seemed to take a far more aggressive posture. Magnetic school locker accessories are these days very popular amongst school going kids due to several reasons.. Both men joined the network in 1979 the year it was founded and continue to work there. As a result, the lactic acid is drawn Cheap Air Jordan out of the muscle cells, causing the acid base balance, or pH level, of the muscles and blood to return to equilibrium. It’s like Discount Nike Shoes a shot but he jumps like this. I know. Once a lawsuit is expected or has been filed, the law will not allow you to move your assets.. Known as „botas picudas,“ these Keebler Elf war boots are all the rage among some Mexican men. Beaver County Times, Maravich said, „I don’t want to play 10 years [in the NBA] and then die of a heart attack at the age of 40.““The NBA is nice, but I’m hoping my Beatles tribute act takes off. Rather than not drink at all, students drank behind closed doors and pre gamed before heading out to parties or concerts where they knew they couldn’t consume alcohol publicly. All the wise men at the party gathered around and tried to figure out what they meant, but none of them could translate it.. DEMOVSKY: Well, I think that in terms of football, those decisions, whether he’s Hall of Fame worthy, have never really factored what happened off the field. In the quarter, segment operating losses improved 60% to $12 million from last year’s loss of $30 million, resulting from higher revenue in local currency terms and lower basic Cheap MLB Jerseys programing and movie cost.. Wisconsin is just cheap jerseys their home base. Well it turns out there’s a big difference between adopting moral platitudes from thousands of years ago, and trying out their sex advice. The survey course covers 5,000 years of Art History on a global scale in two semesters, which is like trying to see all of Europe on a speed train in only one week. And we know this is true because we see it through our most authentic brands like Coors Banquet. Disney has outperformed the S 500 by roughly 130% over the past 10 years. If you Retro Joradns Shoes choose to do so, you would certainly want to use dimensions appropriate for your particular application. But Kroenke’s move marks the first time an existing team owner has controlled a local site large enough for a stadium and parking.. Focus your elective studies on orthopedics, the study and treatment of joint, muscle cheap nfl jerseys shop and bone injuries and conditions, as these are the most commonly treated conditions at athletic venues..

Přebor školy v kuželkách 2011

joomplu:3029Ve středu 9. listopadu jsme uspořádali již tradiční přebor školy v kuželkách. Celkem 28 dětí si přišlo zaházet na pěknou oderskou kuželnu. 

Soutěž probíhala na 30 hodů, 15 hodů do plných a 15 hodů dorážkových. Výsledky všech hockey jerseys čtyřech kategorií si můžete prohlédnout  v příloze. 

Nejlepší kuželkáři obdrželi krásné medaile, diplomy a sladkosti.

Závěrem moc děkujeme panu Dimiděnkovi za pomoc na kuželně.
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