Den Země

joomplu:1555Ve středu 20. dubna  proběhly na naší škole akce ke Dni Země. Počasí přálo, a tak se všechny třídy vydaly do terénu. Z bohatého programu vybíráme několik postřehů.

Prvňáčci jeli vlakem do Louček, kde navštívili skleník s kaktusy a masožravkami. Při zpáteční cestě plnili kvízové úkoly zaměřené na přírodu a odpady, které pro ně připravily děti z družiny. Na závěr se podívali do místní sběrny a dozvěděli se, jaké suroviny zde mohou odevzdat.

Žáci 3.tříd plnili po trase Stříbrného chodníku různé úkoly z prvouky, poznávali kytky, pracovali ve skupinách.
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Úspěchy v matematice

Dalším skvělým úspěchem našeho žáka Martina Rudolfa ze  7.B bylo umístění  na 1.-3. místě v okresním  kole  Matematické olympiády.
Také  deváťák Radim Bárta postoupil z 3.místa okresní ho kola této soutěže do krajského kola. Vyřešil správně všechny úkoly, ale nebyly mu uznány postupy. Oběma hochům  děkujeme za reprezentaci školy,  gratulujeme a přejeme mnoho dalších úspěchů.

5 groundbreaking firsts that your history books lied aboutSo we don’t want to swing hard to hit it low, we want to swing easy. It’s the same as into the wind. We want to hit it low so we got to swing easy. If we swing hard, it climbs up into the wind because we put too many revolutions of backspin on the ball. Thanks, Bob, and good afternoon, everyone. We are pleased with our first quarter results. Segment operating income was up 27% on revenue growth of 9%. The strong financial performance was broad based as each segment Cheap Jordans Sale posted double digit growth in operating income and margin expansion compared to prior year. I think, once again this quarter demonstrates that our investment strategy continues to create value.The „Prison Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Break“ star went on to come out in August 2013 after being invited to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia. In the midst of massive anti gay violence and legislation throughout the country at that time, he decided it was time to go public about his sexuality.Nick Foles filled in for Alex Smith last week, making his first start as a Chief, and throwing for 187 yards with one touchdown in Cheap nfl jerseys the win. Smith, who was originally thought to have a concussion from cheap jordans a hit in Week 8, is expected to be back under center to start this game against Carolina.Less than a year of fighting into WWI, the Western front was at a stalemate. The armies Cheap nba Jerseys of France, the British Empire and Germany were unable to break through one another’s trench defenses. The Germans, not a people exactly fond of „calling it a tie,“ decided to use a new weapon of war to break the standoff: Chlorine gas. The only downside to this tactic was that the Germans had to wait to advance into that gap, seeing as how Chapter 1 of The Art of War is „Don’t Run Into Your Own Poison, Fellas.“After the team drills, players return to their locker room for their final mental preparations. Players should focus on their key offensive and defensive challenges. Coaches should keep their last pregame message simple and direct, hitting the top tactical points while trying to fire the player up. Teams then return to the court for a fast paced, abbreviated warm up designed to get players to game speed for the opening tipoff. You should never come out of the locker room right before the game and start cold.POLK JR.: It really is comical. You know, Cleveland has a million things going for it. For example, we’ve got this amazing orchestra, like a world renowned Cleveland Orchestra, and they have a hard time getting people to come and see them. But we will go and watch one of the most miserable football Replica Oakleys teams in the history of the NFL each and every week and fill that place up for some reason.
Normally at this part of demo I will take a picture of everyone in the audience and I can show you how that syncs through all my devices. It is a beautiful city with hundreds of years of history and wonderful art museums, with the added bonus of hash bars freaking everywhere.It’s also about to be eaten by the ocean, every single minute of the day.Most of Netherlands resides below sea level, and if anything anything, anywhere, at all goes wrong, Amsterdam will take an entire ocean right in the face. The concordant methylation behaviors of nineteen genes, replica oakleys including the four previously studied and their association with cirrhosis has been evaluated by the best subgroup selection method. Have a family member, friend or sports videographer tape you at a game. Everyone was laughing. The Trojans have won six in a row after a 1 3 start, moving to No. Cheap Oakleys Sale And if I don it right back at it the next possession. I’ll have to run a second quicker than my PB to be in the mix and these girls have probably had more preparation than me. He Cheap china Jerseys really the best by a wide margin. THEY HAVE TO BE A LITTLE FASTER. There’s just something adventurous about eating chocolate covered ants, but some things are better when safe.BackgroundMy wife is neither Greek nor is she Italian Trump but she makes the best Greek lasagna (Pastitsio) and the best pasta food combinations. One reason for the indifferent performances is injury no surprise for a player who turned 41 a few days ago, and since April has been a grandfather. The owner will earn a specific amount of money every time a visitor clicks on these ads and hence, it is known as the Pay Per Click method.. Brian Hoyer, recently cut by the Houston Texans, will also have a better idea of his future by the end of cheap nfl jerseys the weekend. This extra money can then be parlayed into off field facilities, coaching and other resources, although the new footballdepartment tax may quell this gap.. Christina, 29, grew up in a big family with six brothers, so she developed a competitive spirit and an ability to stand out at an early age. Bob, Tom and Christine will each make some comments and then, of course, we will be happy to take your questions. This research is being advanced by our Exosome Sciences subsidiary.. This is a prime example of taking cheap football jerseys one scene entirely out of context and basing all of your cheap jerseys wholesale marketing around that. Wind chills as low as minus 51 degrees celsius (60 degrees below Fahrenheit) killed at least nine people. Authentic NFL jerseys are generally more cheaper and perhaps the most coveted, also they are all have a cheap oakleys sunglasses high quality. Austin would bring their offense a big play dimension that they lack now, which would make Andre Johnson an even better player.. That opportunity started quickly during team drills on Thursday.

Jídelníček 02.05. – 06.05.2011

02.05. – 06.05.2011

Libraries, with their unnerving silence and many musty, forgotten corners, naturally attract cheap nfl jerseys shop whispered tall tales. Of course, most of these stories are about people sneaking off back to the periodicals section to Dewey each other’s decimals with sensual abandon. But there are also darker legends. Who can forget the horrifying tale of the dead woman who supposedly stalked New York’s Public Library back in the ’80s?There’s even a documentary about it.X ray absorption spectroscopyFigure 6(a,b) show the Yb L3 edge PFY XAS spectrum of YNA and YNP in ambient conditions, cheap jerseys respectively. Two prominent peaks are observed at 8938eV and 8945eV, which originate from the 2p3/25d transitions of Yb2+ (4f14) wholesale nfl jerseys and Yb3+(4f13), respectively. There is a weak shoulder at the lower energy side of the Yb2+ peak, at around 8934eV, which is ascribed to the quadrupole (QP) transition from the Yb 2p3/2 core to the empty Yb3+ 4f states due to hybridization between 4f and 5d electrons. The presence of two significant Yb L3 peaks clearly indicates that there are strong valence fluctuations in YNA. In contrast, the Yb L3 spectrum of YNP mainly consists of the dominant Yb3+ component with a weaker Yb2+ peak, as shown in Fig. 6(b), indicating only slightly mixed valence behavior in this compound.And it’s been plaguing solar physicists worldwide since they discovered the little disagreement reality has with our universe in 1939. Mice get eaten by wolves, motorcyclists get demolished by 18 wheelers and gravity presides over the whole crazy parade, keeping it stuck to the ground like a boss. Understanding where forces rank compared with one another allows us to predict and explain all the different ways in which they will interact.Of course, neither are the people who do suffer from colds. Scientists examined the nasal cells cheap nfl jerseys of cold sufferers and found none of the damage you’d expect from a harmful viral infection. So essentially, even if you catch a <a href="" cheap nfl jerseys target=“_blank“>oakleys outlet cold, what you’re experiencing is one long, miserable false alarm in which your body turns on the sprinklers and flushes everyone out of the building, just in case.And as owners of both of our late night shows, we are monetizing all of this viewing. In new season to date, CBS This Morning and Face the Nation have their biggest audiences in 28 years and the CBS Evening News has its largest audience in 10 years. Plus 60 cheap nfl jerseys Minutes is the number one news programming on television and Face the Nation, 48 Hours and CBS Sunday Morning are all number one in their categories.
dfat’s travel warning for afl players in their breakWhen he’s done strutting his stuff for Fiji in the Rugby Sevens, we may see Jarryd Hayne in Super Rugby.Channel Nine’s Danny Weidler reported the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has had jordan sale more than one meeting with the 28 year old’s management in the past fortnight to try and gauge his interest in Cheap Retro Jordans playing the 15 a side game for a Super Rugby franchise.Hayne represented NSW and Australia in rugby league before trying his hand at American football with the San Francisco 49ers. Investors remain concerned about the company’s part time CEO, and with no buyout today, shares have struggled to move more than one percent higher.. The fans make the game; they often determine outcomes. Colossal is not an easy play to execute. You have to find your father, get everyone clean water, track down your own (attempted) murderer, decide the fate of New Vegas, rescue your kidnapped son, etc. Such a great combo!. A major scam that is the ultimate source of greed and is played upon millions; is the debt relief scam. Military debt consolidation will take care of any kind of loan such as credit cards, personal loans, auto loan etc. Chanel handbags cheap Secondly, Madame Duparc conceals the fact that she handed the flour new balance discounts to the servant to make the hasty pudding. „But what would happen if a reversal caused the cheap jerseys magnetic field to collapse?“ you ask stupidly, forming the idiot words with your stupid face. However, if you’re keeping performance notes on the roster, keep it out of the reach of others.. A bridge SERIES circle actually contacts several different muscle groups. His grandfather Sid was a Minor Counties cricketer with Cambridgeshire between the wars, and Peter’s half brother James 23 years his senior played as a leg spinner for Victoria’s 2nd XI before a wrist injury ended his career.. The Pittsburgh offense has remained productive, as promised, without the suspended Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell. He said he Cheap Jordan 11 hadn’t remembered taking that specific vow but resolved to help the company avoid moving south of the border when he realized he was wrong. This CD will contain the data version of your templates. More and more often, as of late, devices are supporting „Miracast.“ Making its way into the mainstream, Miracast is a magnificent feature that could possibly wipe out other video streaming standards in a very fragmented Android market. The NFL and NBA have experienced similar disputes, but the Ray Ban Outlet problem is dire in minor leagues, where athletes lack the substantial paychecks, public dishonour and Cheap NFL Jerseys China joint negotiating power to repel corporate pressure.. The comics go into it a bit more there, Quicksilver has a therapist, to whom he describes the nightmare of his day to day life, like waiting behind someone to use a banking machine or standing in line at Burger King.“Whopper farts seem like they take days to leave a room for me.“.

Mini turnaj ve futsalu

joomplu:1546Dne 7. 4. 2011 se v městské hale v Odrách uskutečnil mini turnaj ve futsalu. Tohoto mini turnaje se zúčastnily čtyři družstva.
Po vyrovnaných zápasech se na prvním místě umístilo družstvo speciální třídy ZŠ Odry, Komenského 6, na druhém místě družstvo ZŠ Bílovec a na třetím místě družstvo sedmáků za ZŠ Odry Komenského 6.

Všem účastníkům mini turnaje děkujeme za příkladné sportovní chování.

Bc. Ondřej Lišifka a Mgr. Marcela Tomečková
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Vítání jara

joomplu:1534Dne 12. 4. 2011 se Fokusu v Novém Jičíně konalo již tradiční Vítání jara. Této akce se každoročně účastní i žáci speciální třídy ZŠ Odry, Komenského 6.

Letos  žáci speciální třídy přispěli netradičním vystoupením s názvem Ji- Li, což byla ukázka karate a thai boxu.
Účinkující sklidili bouřlivý potlesk.

Bc. Ondřej Lišifka a Mgr. Marcela Tomečková
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Jídelníček 25.04. – 29.04.2011

25.04. – 29.04.2011

all season lake house vacation rental in new hampshireBest Sports Games For PCA Sports Game is most often a simulation of a real sport like football, basketball, baseball or racing sports like formula one, WTCC, WRC, Nascar etc. In sports games you as a player take control over a team in team sports or over an athlete in individual sports. The objective of all sports games is simple: beat all your opponents.Understand your role for the team. You may want to catch the key pass on third down or the touchdown late in the cheap football jerseys game, but blocking is every bit as important as catching the football. Your versatility as a blocker will ultimately help you as a receiver and also play a key role in helping your team win games. The better you are as a blocker, the more likely you are to get open as a receiver. Opponents will look at you as a blocker first and may be shocked when they see you in the pass pattern. At that point, you have won the battle and will be open.CTE isn’t just a matter of losing your memory and misplacing your keys. In 2011, former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson committed suicide at the age of 50 by gunshot to the chest. A suicide note explained his desire to donate his brain to medical research. It was donated, and it showed signs of CTE. Miami Dolphins linebacker Junior Seau followed with the same type of suicide in 2012. Though he left no note, his brain was also donated to research, and it also showed definitive signs of CTE. Cheap Air Jordan 4 Kansas City Chiefs star Jovan Belcher also took his own life in 2012 after killing his girlfriend. A postmortem examination of his brain confirmed CTE as well.The 6.5 overnight rating for Monday’s Panthers Buccaneers game Cheap Jordan Sale on ESPN was the sports cable network’s lowest for a Week 5 „Monday Night Football“ broadcast since it obtained those rights beginning with the 2006 season, according to SportsBusiness Daily. The game was decided on a Buccaneers‘ field goal as time expired. But Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, the reigning league most ray ban outlet valuable player, did not play and baseball playoff games were airing on other networks.Top of pageResultsThe search strategy resulted in 250 potentially relevant articles replica oakleys from MEDLINE. The search in other databases yielded no additional relevant articles. A review of the titles, abstract and the full text resulted in the inclusion of 18 articles. Twelve studies investigated biomarkers in humans22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and six studies investigated biomarkers in animals.33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 Relatively few studies have been performed in which biomarkers in serum and CSF after SCI were investigated. For those that have been conducted, S 100 and neuron specific enolase (NSE) have especially received attention. An overview is shown in Tables 1 and 2. Compared with the control group, the NSE levels in serum and CSF were significantly increased at 6 after the induced SCI. The NSE levels in the two graded injured groups did not differ significantly. Another study simulating ischemic SCI using thoracoabdominal aortic cross clamping in 10 dogs identified significantly oakley sunglasses outlet elevated NSE levels in CSF during clamping and reperfusion.35
The Cheap Jerseys central midfielder failed to make a single appearance at Old Trafford in his four years there, making four loan moves including dropping to the third tier with Huddersfield before departing following the return of Paul Scholes from retirement. While two losses to bowl teams Iowa and Illinois admittedly weren’t pretty, nothing in Northwestern’s CV suggests that Wisconsin should feel any cheap jerseys wholesale shame for having been in a position to beat the Cats on their final drive in Evanston.. They plug nfl jerseys china up the run game, they cause trouble in the passing game. According to Singh, due to rise in temperature, snow cheap nfl jerseys was now practicalling missing from Shimla in the months of December and March.. I’ve taken part in „rowdy buses,“ where we go about in groups and put hands in their pockets. After the famine it was less than 6 million (half of the 2 million died, the other half wisely got the hell out of Ireland). Expect him to be called Friday, likely alongside fellow QBs Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg and Dak Prescott.. By the late 1970’s, cheap nhl jerseys the Super Bowl was the most watched tv program of the year. „I replica oakleys fell apart. So it really is a big injury, but oddly enough, the people who are predicting who’s going to win seem not to have factored it in at all. Speed and agility are two of the top skills a football player needs. Martial arts have tremendous optimism, they have great confidence. We’ll be activating directly against consumers and supporting hockey at all levels, from the NHL all the way down to regional teams. MUT. The company is going to have to continue to invest in developing here a lot to play catch up to grow the top line once again. „Just so you understand, he’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right,“ he said.. Employ a zone blitz in the 5 3 defense. There is a day night cycle in the game unlike any other game. He draws a crowd but knows few others do.. The stream will only be available to Verizon customers who subscribe to the NFL Mobile cheap jerseys application and pay the $10 monthly subscription fee.. You need dozens of coats of latex in the thick areas that need support (nose, cheek ridges, upper lip, brow ridge) at 15 minutes a shot. „I remember first hearing about the backlog and I remember I was so deeply shocked and offended and outraged and dismayed. Harsh? Wait until you meet the Coachella Valley Arabs. To my slight disappointment, Master Yang was only in his late 40s, rather than 70 going on 1,000 like the movie hermits. 25 football player of all time by NFL Films in 2010, cheap fake oakleys but he has also raised more than $30 million with the Dan Marino Foundation to help children with autism, like his son, Michael.. This is Conan Elliott, cheap ray bans and that’s how to organize golf clubs in your bag..

English breakfast

joomplu:1506Dne 7.4. proběhla ve skupině p.u. Hendrycha, který nás učí anglický jazyk, tzv.“ English breakfast“(Anglická snídaně).
Celá naše skupina se přesunula do cvičné kuchyně, kde jsme si udělali tradiční anglickou snídani.

Ta se skládá z:
Toast (toust)
Toast with jam (toust s marmeládou či džemem)
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Kurz na ostrově Malta

joomplu:1500V měsíci březnu jsem se zúčastnil dalšího vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků na ostrově Malta. Tento kurs pořádaný v rámci LLP (celoživotního vzdělávání) pod hlavičkou Národní agentury pro evropské vzdělávací programy (NAEP, někteří jej znají pod minulým názvem SOKRATES) nesl název „Inovativní a kreativní učení v Evropě“. Celkem se do maltského města Sliema sjelo 12 učitelů ze šesti evropských zemí. Největší zastoupení měli učitelé z Rumunska a Řecka.

Většina programu probíhala přímo v konferenčním salónku hotelu Plevna, pracovali jsme denně od  9 do 16 hodin. V průběhu celého programu se všichni účastníci seznámili formou prezentace zpracované v powerpointu se vzdělávacími systémy účastnických zemí (všichni účastníci si museli tyto prezentace předem připravit), včetně Oakleys Outlet maltského a nizozemského. Poté vždy následovaly dotazy, srovnávání jednotlivých systémů a zajímavé diskuse.
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Naše práce

Městské kulturní centrum ve Fulneku v rámci projektu „ Svět slova IV.“ vyhlásilo literární a výtvarnou soutěž. Cílem projektu je podpora četby a návrat ke knihám. Pro rok 2011 vybrali téma „ Mé rodné město / vesnice“. S projektem jsme seznámili i žáky naší školy, soutěž byla zcela dobrovolná a zde je pár ukázek.

Fardová, Chudobová, Mičulková, Hrabovská, Mičulková, Dimitrov, Holemá

Mgr. Zdenka Fialová

Compare that to last year when Mom was the only rookie series across the entire season to be brought back (and that was only because of CBS‘ long standing partnership Cheap Jordans with creator Chuck Lorre). So why the change? Yes, it’s partly because these are better shows, but it’s also because you saw CBS promote them like crazy during Thursday Night Football. Those plugs are priceless and they worked.Next, place another piece on top of the base facing the Replica Oakleys Sunglasses same way, then put it right up to the edge fitting flush to the end. We now need to make some pilot holes for the screws, you need a tape measure, your drill with a 2.5mm bit and your pencil. Measure in from one end on the side piece where для you would like your pilot holes to be and mark with a pencil I would suggest using 5 screws, if your length is 800mm, I would place one at 200mm, 400mm, and 600mm to fix the middle, and then 2 further fixing screws at 25mm in from each end as both the sides and bottom are the same Cheap Jordan Shoes length you can measure the pilot holes the same for all 3 pieces.A dark cloud hanging over the National Football League is a bit lighter today. There is a proposed settlement in a huge concussion lawsuit, brought by over 4,000 former players. The agreement was reached and announced yesterday, a week before the start of the new NFL season. If approved, the league will pay out $765 million to as many as 18,000 former players. NPR’s Tom Goldman reports.Without a surprise, satellite TV shoppers are always comparing the cheap ray bans deals offered by Dish Network and DirecTV. Interestingly, the satellite system services offered by both DirecTV and Dish Network are practically the same. Both Dish Network and DirecTV offer more than 200 program channels, integrated digital video recording (DVR) capabilities, and high definition TV (HDTV) capabilities, stunning picture and sound quality and award winning 24 hour customer service departments. What separate these two main satellites broadcaster is that DirecTV monthly subscription fees are slightly higher but with more sports (football!) coverage; while Dish Network packages are basically cheaper and they covers more on International programming channels.Reporter: Josh finkelman suing them claiming they make super bowl tickets too expensive for the average fan. He should know, he spent 4 grand for a pair, four times the face value. I was upset about the price that I paid for the tickets. We found out this was an illegal practice. He declined to release the victim’s name.Citing a police report, KOMO reported that Solo’s younger brother, Marcus, called 911, and that he and Solo told officers there was a party and several cheap football jerseys unwanted guests showed up and got into a fight with Marcus, who told police he used a stun gun on one of the men.One 32 year old woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of a hip injury, and another man suffered multiple bumps, scrapes and contusions, Murray said.“If officers find that an assault may have taken place, then we have to make an arrest on who we determine is the primary aggressor,“ Murray said.Stevens was selected with the No.
While disappointed in our execution, I remain confident in our C Fresh strategy. And the owners are pretty hard line on this labor situation. I don’t think I’m doing nothing extra. My feeling is they made the trade up here with Goff in mind, but wanted to do their due diligence and make sure they still felt good about the pick. Both sides of this thing. And then there’s Sarah Thomas, who last year became the NFL’s first full time female on field official.Tony Dungy believes the trend will grow.“The future is unlimited,“ the former coach said last week before his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So Pete fumed silently and the kiss accomplished its purpose.“. Someone who can hit the ground running after they recognize the uniqueness your opportunity? In their quest to put together a winning football team NFL owners don’t recruit players down at the Heavens Gate nursing home. For your football passion. Her credibility on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and even within her oakley sunglasses outlet own boardroom is shot.. It is more than a design, it is an essential function of a child’s room why? Because children love the floor watch them they are always crawling even after the terrible twos!. And then he just completely ripped field judge Brad Freeman after the game. Mexico lost almost four times as many soldiers as the United States. When Belgium noticed the same Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys problem back in 2001, they tried a different approach: Specifically, serving children beer.. And for ordinary folk, $100,000 is a staggering sum. 26, and noon ET Saturday, Oct. When waters are cheap jerseys below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia can set in quickly. Ok so those would be good components of a good impact position. I’m pleased that cheap ray ban Sunglasses Online we were able to deliver solid performance overall in the first quarter, exceeding the top end of our revenue guidance and achieving the top Fake ray ban Sunglasses sale end of adjusted OIBDA cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys guidance especially as we were up against the record Q1 2015 comparison. 3. The neutral zone is a space the length of the ball that separates the offense and defense prior to a play. The shift in weight comes fromdriving the back hip, sharp, hard, and quick, really driving the back knee as far into the front knee as possible cheap jordan to ensure full power and hip rotation. The all in one piece is by Galvan and comes in at 950. Through the 1960s they played at Boston University’s Nickerson Field, Alumni Stadium (Boston College) and Harvard Stadium.. Enter enter, (opens the txt file) crtl v, paste the names and comma to the txt.

Jídelníček 18.04. – 22.04.2011

18.04. – 22.04.2011

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